Weird Wedding Ceremony in Some Countries

Weird Wedding Ceremony in Some Countries

Wedding themes are a good way to express the personality of the wedding couple. This is where they expand their outstanding ideas that will fit them perfectly. When you are invited by some wedding couple to plan some weird wedding ceremony, do not panic out. They are normal people who want to express their personality or impress the guest differently. There are some people who held a weird wedding ceremony in some countries in this world. Some of them are bound by the tradition, and some are coming up from their creative and imaginary mind.


In Scotland, there is a weird wedding ceremony called “Blackening of the bride”. Relatives and friends of the bride will show their appreciation by throwing a bucket of nasty things to the bride, also groom. The mix in the bucket is every nasty thing you may imagine, such as dead fish, curdled milk, tar, spoiled food, mud, sauces, sausages flour and many other stink and gross things. Then the bride is tied up to a tree and then taken for a night for drinking. They believe that if you can manage this you will also manage anything in your future life, including the marriage. Blackening the bride is a weird wedding ceremony to prepare the bride for any problems or humiliation she will get during the marriage.

China And Mongolia

Wedding day preparation may be emotionally exhausting, but brides and their female relatives and friends of the Tujia people in China take it to the total new level. Previously, one whole month before the wedding day, the bride begins to cry for an hour full every day. Ten days after, the mother of the bride joins to cry. Then ten days after that, the grandmother of the bride will also join this weird wedding ceremony. At the end of the month every female person in the family member of the bride is crying together with the bride. This is believed to be the expression of joy while the women will cry in some different tones.

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In Mongolia and some lands of China, when the couple want to choose a wedding date the bride and groom are needed to hold the knife together and murder a baby chick. The date is then determined by the good look of the chick’s liver. If the chick’s liver has an ugly appearance, they should keep murdering the chicks until they get a good one.


In some parts of India, women who born as Mangliks are seemingly cursed and believed to be possible to lead their husband to the early death. In order to prevent this curse, the women of Mangliks must firstly marry a tree with the common Hindu wedding ceremony and that tree will cut down in order to dispel the curse.

Also in other parts of India the groom is needed to wear off his shoes before getting to the wedding altar. Soon after he does it, the mayhem are happening which are a sign to begin the game. Every person from the groom’s side either the family or friends is needed to protect the shoes while the bride’s family and friends tries to take it. If the bride’s group has got the shoes successfully, then the groom must pay a ransom to get the shoes back. It seems like a rugby game, but with over hundred people are involved in a limited room with lots of furniture and wearing a fine outfits.


Before the first night of the groom as a married man, the groom’s feet will be beaten with a cane or fish by the friends and relatives of the groom. It may be very painful but it is over quickly and might be more amusing than seems cruel. This weird wedding ceremony from Korea is believed to ensure the groom does not disappoint or get disappointed by the bride on his first night as a married man.

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It is not just in the wedding day the weird wedding ceremony is held. In Indonesian, at the wedding receptions the brides and the grooms are stay in the house for three days and nights in a row while not being able to use the toilet, no pee or poo all the time. The couple is watched over by some relatives or friends and is allowed to consume a few amounts of drink and food. This weird wedding ceremony is believed to make a happy marriage with healthy babies.


In Russia, there is a weird wedding ceremony tradition which is based on a dowry system. Before the wedding is being held, the groom’s family should visit the bride’s family. After paying a dowry the bride is expected to be handed over to the groom. But, if the dowry is insufficient, an alternate bride will be handed over until more money is presented, unless the groom is pleased with the alternate bride.


France has the worst and totally weird wedding ceremony ever. After completing the wedding, the bridal group will collect all of the leftover foods, some trash, and anything else they assume to be pretty gross to put in a toilet bowl and then send it to the wedding couple’s room. The senders would not ever leave until the wedding couple drank it completely. This is believed to give the wedding couple more energy to have a perfect night ahead. Nowadays, even though soup is alternated with some chocolate, you are surely still drinking some brown and yellow stuff out of a true toilet bowl.

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A very weird wedding ceremony is held by people from Romania where a man will kidnap the woman he wishes to marry or the couples will run away without the approval of their both parents. They are believed that if the men are able to forcefully or convincingly kidnap their beloved lady and keep her by their side for about 2-3 days in a row, then she will be officially stated as your wife.


In many parts of Germany a weird wedding ceremony is being held which is called Polterabend. The ceremony is hosted by the newlywed, the wedding guests will bring new dishes as wedding gifts and then the bride and the groom will smash them. It is believed that the noisy sound will scare away the evil spirits. By destroying the dishes previously, the wedding guests are making the bride and groom is prepared for any obstacles ahead and together they are wishing them happiness and luck.