Few Unique Wedding Cake Ideas For Better Impressions

Few Unique Wedding Cake Ideas For Better Impressions

Currently many brides want to do many various things by using their own creative ideas, in order to create their special and unique wedding cake. It is a better idea to try some research on finding some choices you might have on unique wedding cake and flavors. You really have many various choice of a different wedding cake, and many people choose to express their taste through making a very unique wedding cake. If you really want a unique wedding cake to show something different, and you truly want to have some other different thing in your wedding which makes your guests will going to talk about it for years, you must consider a few of these unique wedding cake ideas for your inspiration.

The theme of the weddings may be a good inspiration for unique wedding cake ideas. With a medieval wedding theme a cake would be laced with a golden crown and pearls. An adventurer wedding couple might have a unique wedding cake topped with tiny figurines of the wedding couple in a small boat or a bike. A wedding with Victorian theme might have a unique wedding cake decorated with Victorian roses and bows. Then in the Oriental wedding, a two-level wedding cake will be topped with a red or yellow vase filled with edible orchid.

Then there are unique wedding cake ideas based on the season. Seasonal themes will give the wedding cake designer a chance to let their imagination run around freely. For a fall weddings the cake may be decorated with grapes and chrysanthemums. The summer wedding cakes may be decorated with sunglasses, blue sky and white daisies. Winter wedding may use edible snow crystal and funny snowman on top of the cakes and make a layer of icy icing for the unique wedding cake ideas. A wedding with spring them may have a wedding cake topped with various bloomed flowers.

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A Hollywood actor had extraordinary unique wedding cake ideas for his wedding. The cake was a miniature model of the Eiffel tower. It was about six and a half foot height, with real lights from the top to the bottom of the Eiffel tower wedding cake. You may imagine the value of work to create this cake.

A wedding couple made a square wedding cake in which was two swans swimming on a little pond on top of the cake. It was a very simple unique wedding cake, with flowers and ribbons decorated the wedding cake as well. But, it had only a layer, so several people may be not wanted a wedding cake like this.

Other unique wedding cake idea is the “Shrek” wedding cake. The wedding couple must be the huge fans of the Shrek movie, because their wedding cake is all about the Shrek movie, involving the Shrek and his wife Princess Fiona figurines on the top of the wedding cake. This wedding cake has two layers and on the bottom of the layer there is an icing design of Dragon and her husband Donkey, the other weird couple in the Shrek movies. This unique wedding cake idea about movie is gorgeously creative. You may pick your favorite movie and apply it to your wedding cake.

The Chinese wedding cake is also a great and unique wedding cake idea. The cake is three layered red or yellow, decorated with most complex detail of flowers and some Chinese tribal. The icing would be great with red, and make a yellow line drawing a dragon with some Chinese words say “Happy Wedding” in Chinese language.

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Wedding cakes are usually round stacked units which are getting smaller toward the top of the cake. Just because they have been commonly this way does not mean they have to always like that. Wedding cakes may be created in any shape, size, and staggered, stacked, or even spread out however the wedding couple wishes it. The wedding cake maker can stack the layers to be look like more than just unique and out of the box. Wedding cakes may be created to look like wrapped gifts, skyscrapers buildings, persons, wild animals, bloom flowers, trees, or any of thousand shapes and concepts.

For a unique wedding cake idea, you do not have to make a white cake with buttercream frosting. Actually any flavor is always possible, from vanilla to chocolate, red velvet to carrot, or even pumpkin to cheesecake. It is surely acceptable to add various flavors from one layer to the other. Also frosting may be in any color and can reflect the season when the wedding being held, the brides dresses, or even the flavor of the wedding cake. Ivory or pure white is still common, but all color for the wedding cake the bride can imagine may be made by a pastry expert chef. Think about a dark cake frosting with amazingly colored leaves or flowers decorated the entire wedding cake. Color may add the whimsy, drama, interest, and texture to the wedding cake.

When you have imagined the unique wedding cake ideas, make some more detailed designs, wedding cake bakers will have to be guided gently so your unique wedding cake ideas must be very detailed. This must not only involve the particular pastry craft designs but also shapes, colors and sizes of each elements in the design and guidance for designing each element, specifically when using sugar based ingredients. Your wedding cake designer is your important key to distribute completely bespoke, personal, and unique wedding cake ideas. Work a bit closely with the cake designer and give detailed help and guidance as much as possible and they will give you a reward of a stunning wedding cake to impress all of your guests on your wedding day. For a real unique wedding cake idea, it is important to talk about it with the wedding cake designer, better many weeks before the wedding day is held. Although there will be always urge are coming up with that specifically stunning design of yourself, there are no problems in sharing the unique wedding cake idea with an expert to create such a wonderful wedding cake for your special day.

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