How To Take Care Diamond Ring And Clean It Properly

How To Take Care Diamond Ring And Clean It Properly

Even though diamond is well-thought to be one of the hardest materials in the world, when it is attached in a ring, bracelet or in some other else, it can be really vulnerable to breakage, cracking, or even spoiling. If you are not cautious when cleaning or wearing a diamond ring, you will damage the diamond. This article will help you with some advice on how to take care diamond ring on a daily base as well as explaining how to tenderly clean diamond ring now and then.

Taking care for a diamond ring on the daily activities

Take off the diamond rings before doing any heavy-duty jobs. Wearing off the diamond ring will prevent accidents like get knocked, spilled by cleaning chemicals, or damaged by any other physical breakage. Jobs that must be done without wearing diamond ring are working in the kitchen, gardening, cleaning the house, any heavy lifting work and doing outdoor tasks. Use your makeup before wearing on your diamond ring. Lotions, hairspray, perfumes, and cosmetics may contain dangerous chemicals that may damage the diamond ring. Just wear the diamond ring after you have done with applying these chemical products.

Wear off your diamond ring before you go to take a shower. Soap will make a layer of film on the diamonds, which will quickly dull the appearance and radiance of the diamond. Wearing off your diamond rings before going to the shower is a splendid way to avoid the unscheduled servicing. Also wear off your diamond rings before you go swimming. Whether you are an amateur or a professional swimmer, you must always make sure that chlorinated water is not interacting with the stones and metals in your diamond ring. To prevent any possibilities for structural damage, take off all of your diamond jewelry before you jump onto a pool. It is better to leave the diamond jewelry at home also, thus you do not have to be worried about damaging or losing your valuable items. Also take off your diamond jewelry when going for heavy contact sports. Any type of hard blow may risk damaging your diamond jewelry while playing it. The possibilities of your diamond loosening up from the setting is really high when you are trying some heavy sport activities, thus it is a better idea to leave your diamond rings, earrings, pendants and other jewelry at home before enter the game.

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Ongoing care of the diamond ring

Bring all of your diamond jewelry including the diamond ring to a jewelry expert once or twice a year. Diamond rings will need to be examined by the professional jeweler by seeing through the mountings and prongs. These are the elements that hold your diamond stone in place. When examined routinely, you will feel more assured that the diamond stone is fervently still in its settings and is not going to loosen up unnoticed and then you losing it.

If you are not taking on your diamond ring for a long time, be sure to store it in a safe jewelry box with cotton pads and a fabric lining. This is good to minimize its movement and damaging the sides of the container. Make sure to keep it separately from other jewelry. It is important that every single piece of jewelry has their own place, to avoid the scratch on the diamond ring and damaging the other jewelry pieces.

Cleaning diamond ring

How to take care diamond ring to keep glowing is easy to do with some of household supplies. Perhaps you have heard about the toothpaste and baking soda are good settlements for cleaning diamond rings, but actually they are really abrasive. Using nonabrasive and gentle cleansers is a far safer solution to make the job done better. You may try to clean the diamond ring using soapy water:

  • Create a water and soap mix.
  • Spurt some dish soap into a clean bowl.
  • Fill up the bowl with some warm water.
  • Stir it around a little to make some foam.
  • Use nonabrasive dish soap, preferably made by natural ingredients, to prevent the damage on your ring by chemicals.
  • Nonabrasive shampoo, body wash, or hand soap could be used also.
  • Make sure not to use soap which is containing “moisturizers”, it might create a layer of film on your diamond ring.
  • Put your diamond ring into the bowl for at least 15 minutes.
  • Let the diamond ring is soaked into the soapy water. It will loosen and penetrate the dust, grime and dirt that have piled up on the ring.
  • Take out your diamond ring and check it.
  • If there are seen some dirt piled up, you will have to clean it again. If not, you may rinse your diamond ring in a bowl of clean water.
  • Use a smooth toothbrush to softly rub the piled up dirt from your diamond ring.
  • Be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush rather than hard-bristled, thus your diamond ring does not get scraped or scratched.
  • Scrub gently, and poke the bristles into some difficult-to-reach gaps.
  • You may use some clean toothpick to poke the dirt out of the gaps if it is needed.
  • Then rinse the diamond ring in a bowl of cool water.
  • You can place your diamond ring on a clean cloth or paper towel and let it dry completely.
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On solving how to take care diamond ring by cleaning it, you may use this quick dip technique:

  • Purchase a quick dip purposed for the type of the diamond ring you have. Some quick dips are designed to instantly clean jewelry. Various dips are produced with some different chemicals particularly formulated for silver, gold, or other type of metals. Make sure to choose a quick dip that is specified to be used for cleaning diamond rings with certain type of setting you own.
  • Be sure to read the label on the package carefully. It is very important to follow their instructions for using the quick dip to clean something, thus you would not end up harming your diamond ring. Be sure you are really understood on how using the quick dip before you carries on.
  • Put some of the quick dip onto a clean bowl.
  • Put on your diamond ring into the bowl for the amount of time which is written on the instruction and no longer.
  • Take your diamond ring out from the bowl.
  • Let it dry completely on a soft paper towel or cloth.
  • Do not leave the diamond ring in the bowl of quick dip for longer than instructed, or the ring might be damaged.
  • Do not ever touch the diamond with your bare fingers until it completely dries. The oils on the skin will leave a layer of film on the diamond stone.