History Behind The Sacred Engagement Rings

History Behind The Sacred Engagement Rings

When men are proposing a woman, they would never forget to accomplish it with an engagement ring. Engagement rings have been a part of the culture for many years in many countries in the entire world. Engagement rings signify commitment and love to the person whom is given it. All engagement rings are available usually with diamonds with various sizes and shapes and no other gemstone can be replaced it. It has been said that the endless and round shape of the ring signifies the endless and eternal love and devotion to a single woman. Also it is a symbol of giving a commitment of a man to his beloved woman.

Nowadays, many people use wedding and engagement rings to be presented as a gift of commitment, and even though they present these wonderful pieces of jewelry with their love and integrity, they are always giving it with truly no idea of the meaning beyond them. Both wedding and engagement rings are very special pieces of jewelry. Actually the wedding and engagement rings are more than just jewelry, but also they are the signs of many promises and emotions such as love, commitment, devotion, eternity, and honor.

The today’s engagement ring also has its own variation and attractive history, some of them will be explained in this article. Engagement rings have been well-known by lots of various names, have represented with a lot of various things and have always been created with valuable metals and outstanding gemstones.

The ancient Greeks are believed as the pioneer in the birth of the engagement ring tradition. Presented as a token of care and love, the rings in the ancient Greeks were well-known as betrothal rings from a man and were presented before marriage to a woman. But, the presenting of these betrothal rings was not always a pre-provision to the marriage and was frequently presented in the similar way as a friendship ring that might be presented in today.

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According to the ancient Romans use of the wedding ring, they were not the most sentimental people, and the first version of their engagement ring was believed to have keys carved on it. It was a controversy that this could have been to represent the woman’s right to own and access half of anything on the marriage. But, the more emotional statement is the carved key might have been a key to her husband’s soul and heart.

Engagement rings as known in this year which is stunning gems wrapped in valuable metals, were becoming popular in about the 14th or 15th century ago, when the prosperous and the royals started to wear and exchange these jewels. But actually, these engagement rings were very expensive which makes other nobody than the royal families and the rich people could purchase the engagement rings to be presented.

Gracefully, today’s modern engagement rings are not created by grass, hair, twine or plants like they might have been made in the very old times, but made of precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium and outstanding gemstones are attached to it like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. These remarkable pieces of jewelry are possibly to stay as famous ever as the years go by, and even if the whole world advances in to a modern technological and futuristic age, it would be so difficult to imagine a day where a precious diamond engagement ring does not mesmerize the heart of the recipient, the beloved women.

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