The Magical Stones Of The Opal Engagement Ring

The Magical Stones Of The Opal Engagement Ring

Opal engagement rings are famously known because they have the ability to appear and disappear their colors and also because it is well-known during the very old times to have rich of mystical properties. It has been highly believed by the ancient Greek people to be prophetic. In accordance with the legend, Roman Senator Nonius rather chose an exile than handing over his opal ring to the Roman General and Politician Mark Anthony, who wanted the opal ring to be presented as a gift to Cleopatra. In the eighteenth century, opal has been believed to bring such bad fortune. This began when King Alfonso XII of Spain presented the opal ring to his wife who died later then. The opal ring was passed to the other family members who also died later, including also the King self. In accordance with some sources, it was caused by the cholera epidemic as the belief of the mysterious deaths and bad fortune came from the opal ring.

Opal engagement ring is famously known for its exotic colors which are also very fascinating. It has been said that no two opal engagement rings are equal typically in color. Even though the more modern time has already walk out from the mythical belief, still there are some people who choose to stay believing such mythical things while the most people has already considered opal engagement rings will bring a good luck.

Trying to turn away from the conventional diamond, opal engagement ring is now considered by lots of men as their special gift while proposing their beloved lady. Opal engagement rings are soft which are needed to be provided high protection with a hard setting and also will allow them to enhance their inner fire. Bezel setting is the most regular setting, but prong and laid settings are the most famous settings which are created for opal engagement rings.

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Black and white opal engagement rings are popular for their stunning display of colors. It is a meaningful fire inside and its colors which are making them even a better option for most people as the rival of the conventional diamond engagement ring. But, because the opal stones are softer than the diamonds, these stones will need more care and caution carefully from the wearer to prevent being scratched or chipped. Plain water should be the only one to be used for cleaning the opal engagement rings.

An opal engagement ring is the perfect choice if you are searching for something that has unique and magical appearance. The Australian black opal and the flaming white opal are some of the famous types for opal engagement rings. Start walking around and look for a magical opal engagement ring. You will surely see the pearly whites are flashing behind the ornate lips of your beloved lady after proposing while handing over an opal engagement ring. If you are going to hold a birthday of your beloved lady in October, proposing her with an opal engagement ring will surprise her even better because opal is the October birthstone.