About The Black Diamond Rings: The Fortune Jewelry

About The Black Diamond Rings: The Fortune Jewelry

Nowadays, one of the popular jewelry pieces which are worn by many famous people is the black diamond rings. They are commonly created in solid sterling silver, titanium, platinum, or white gold and sometimes in yellow gold. There are lots of variations and in many collections of designer brands, which you may see a combination of white and black diamonds. There are some designs which combine some small stones of both white and black and they are truly fascinating. The popular ones are the solitaire black diamond with round cut set in 18k or 14k white gold. These outstanding black diamond rings are very perfect for birthday gifts for those who born in April. Some women and men who are attracted to the rarity and uniqueness of the natural black diamond choose this precious stone to be the center stone on their engagement and wedding rings.

Actually, these kinds of rings come out with breathtaking magnificence. You can find the black diamond rings in many variations of color from pure black to light gray tone. If you go for window shopping either online or offline, you will be amazed by the massive collection of the pre-set black diamond rings designs and styles. But, you should always be aware because there is a possibility of the natural and the enhanced black diamond will look really alike. Your professional jeweler will provide you an authenticity certification if the natural black diamond is proven to be genuine. It determines a higher afford price and estimation value. The black diamonds are not brightly polished or does not shine like any other colored diamonds due to its great hardness. If you wish for a black diamond ring which has a bright sparkle and you will wear it frequently and casually as daily wear, you can choose the enhanced black diamond ring or a colored diamond ring which has modified through the enhancement process in the laboratories to transform the diamond color to black.

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The pure black diamonds are considered as the most expensive and rarest kind of diamonds. A 1K has a price range from 800 dollar to thousand dollars. These black diamonds are found generally in Australia, Venezuela, Africa, and Brazil. You are able to simply mix and match these luxurious black diamond rings with any type of jewelry. You can match it with your bracelet, earrings, necklace of any precious gemstone or pearl and you will definitely love them. If you are thinking about giving a black diamond ring as a gift to your beloved person for a special event or as an engagement or wedding ring and at the same time she does not have this black diamond ring yet, you need to confirm that she does not have any problems with black diamonds.

To be able to motivate her, it is a better idea to know the clear background of the history of the black diamond and the mystery that covers the beauty of the black diamond naturalness. You can explain her story of how the miners and scientists in the land of Portugal found the black diamond in the late 19th century. According to some theories, the black diamonds are created from hydrogen, carbon atoms and billions of bonded small crystals which were formed by the asteroid crash to the earth millions years ago. Or possibly they were made under the earth billions years ago and were taken up to the surface by some volcanic eruptions. The mystery circulates also on the mythical beliefs of several people. They might be both positive and negative. The Indian people believe that the black diamonds are under a curse. Any person who owns them will have bad luck or even face the death. There are several people such as the Italian people who assume that the black diamond stones will bring good luck to the married couples and will avoid them from divorce. They are regarded as stones of peace and able to heal the broken bonds of any relationships.

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According to your budget, you can choose unique design and style of elegant and classy solitaire black diamond ring style or other design. You can have high quality emerald, round, princess or heart cut for natural black diamond stones created in six pronged setting for antique or contemporary appearance. If you mix the ring with traditional diamonds and other precious gemstones, your beloved lady will cherish and love her black diamond ring even more as much as she loves you more.