Tips of Good Treatments for Diamond Necklaces

Tips of Good Treatments for Diamond Necklaces

Well for ladies, you will be really excited after you have been surprised by your gentlemen with the amazing 18K white gold diamond necklace which are designed and created by the most popular designer brand. When you wear it for the first time and see it is really suit to you, then you are absolutely agreed with its sparkle that enhances your beauty as well. And then you go to your friends to tell them how you are feeling about that, but then most of your friends will tell you that their white gold diamond necklaces somehow had a bit yellow stripes in a few years later, and several of them had even get some strange brown spots. If you are now worried about that, here are some tips you might be taken.

Take Preventive Actions

Firstly, jewelry that does not be required for you to wear it all day, such as diamond necklaces, exactly should not be worn all the time. You might love it very much, but that does not mean that it is just fine to wear it frequently. Just wear your diamond necklaces when you need to, and not when you want to. The reason is your diamond necklaces would get dirty quickly. The longer you use the diamond necklace, the more body oils will affect it. Overtime, this means that your diamond necklace will collect lots of debris and dirt.

Then you have to be sure that you are not doing activities with any kind of chemicals, especially chlorine, such as swimming and cleaning your pools while wearing your 18K white gold diamond necklace. Chlorine is a dangerous chemical that will harm any kind of gold pieces. Generally it makes the gold metal to turn to black. While some professional jewelers are able to treat black on diamond necklaces, it would be better if you save your money with some prevention.

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Keep It On Storage Separately

Secondly, even if the diamond necklace is covered with the hardest metal around it, necklaces may still snap. Thus, it is better if you do your best in caring it with full care. Keep the diamond necklace in a jewelry storage that has clean and soft cloth which is usually provided by any jewelers. If you do not have any jewelry storages, you can also hang your necklaces on their own hook. When your luxurious and beautiful diamond necklaces are scratching each other, it will not only make it look bad, but it will decrease its value as well.

Another reason for you to keep your diamond necklace apart is because the diamonds stones are the hardest materials on this planet. If it rubs the other stones, then unwanted scratches would occur, and if your stones are not diamonds, it will receive bad cuts that might affect its sparkle.

Also it is crucial that you ask your professional jeweler on the necessary cleaning tips. Also, bring your diamond necklaces to a jewelry expert frequently to get it cleaned properly, to check on the diamonds setting to make sure that it is not loosening, and to look if your diamond necklace is necessary to be plated with Rhodium for some reasons.