A Meaningful Traditional Wedding Sand Ceremony

A Meaningful Traditional Wedding Sand Ceremony

A wedding sand ceremony will be a great choice to unite the new couple as well as their families. Compared to the other traditional wedding ceremonies, the wedding sand ceremony is a quite unique idea that will make a grand wedding ceremony. It is a much more personalized alternative to the highly noticed unity candle ceremony. It is a perfect adorn to the beach wedding theme, even though it will also be celebrated in the more traditional wedding theme. Celebrating a wedding sand ceremony may be the first time for your family. But, it will give you the chance to begin a brand new and significant family wedding tradition.

In the wedding sand ceremony, the sand is used to represent the unification of both bride and groom. Colored sand is usually used. One color is to symbolize the affection and love of the groom and the other color is for the affection and love of the bride. Based on that, each colored sands will fill two separate vials and will be prepared. After the rings exchange, the bride and the groom will come together with their own vial colored sand. They will pour the sand together, into a transparent vase, to be representing their unity as the husband and wife. The twist pattern of the sand, which is made by the colors, will represent their newly formed bond. The transparent vases in which the colored sand is poured represent how a marriage may hold.

A good thing about the wedding sand ceremony is that it may involve the entire families, especially the beloved grandparents. As a symbol of giving their blessing to the marriage, the traditional wedding sand ceremony has been customized with the various ways. In some events, the parents of both bride and groom are called on to take part and symbolize their family with another sand color. The twisted sand patterns that they made will then represent the happiness of the newly united couple and the family.

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Beside of the possibly being one of the importance of your marriage, also the wedding sand ceremony will give you a precious memento which can remind you of how great your wedding was as well as how deeply touched and overwhelmed both families was in your decision to take them part in the wedding sand ceremony.

Every part of the wedding sand ceremony has to be planned carefully to create a swift blending of both families who found a new bond. Also you have to include your wedding sand ceremony equipment to your shopping list of wedding. Usually, the ceremony needs a special vase with its cover, colored or common sands and two or more vials for the sands. You can choose to afford a bit complex shaped vials and painted vases to make them also as a welcome accent in your wedding event. To make your wedding planning easy, wedding sand ceremony equipment are now sold in sets everywhere.

As this wedding sand ceremony is getting more popular, shopping for wedding sand ceremony equipment and kits is now simpler. These items are now available in most of wedding websites. With their complete product listing, it would be easier to compare the designs and prices of every kit.