Belly Button Rings: Enhance Your Sexy Belly

Belly Button Rings: Enhance Your Sexy Belly

Belly button rings as fashion jewelry are slowly gaining its popularity and are increasingly being accepted by larger community. Previously, this jewelry was assumed improper, but now belly button rings are becoming an appealing way for every woman to show their beautiful stomach that they have get through particular exercise.

Belly button rings were becoming popular with the use of less old-line outfit. Blouses are rising up as the hip lines fall a bit down and thus the stomach is exposed. It would look like naked if the stomach is not enhanced with some fashion jewelry. Therefore, the idea of using belly button rings is coming up to the surface to enhance the naked stomach area.

Nowadays, belly button rings are available in various colors and dangling forms to further take a bit attention of people who sees it. Belly button rings could be sparkling, dangling, certain logos and pieces of artwork that are a symbol of designer’s craft. Putting on the belly buttons rings will require a bit piercing. Any piercing will create wounds and it could get a bit infected. Therefore, if you find that belly button rings are really necessary to enhance your naked stomach, first you need to know which fine materials should be used to enhance your belly and make sure that the process would take you not to be on the terrible side.

The finest materials for belly button rings are at least 14K gold silver, titanium, surgical steel, rhodium, and niobium. Use as less as possible the fake gold, silver-plated and sterling silver material because they might cause irritation to the skin that might lead to the infections. Avoid the covered and coated materials which might easily break. Avoid the materials that might easily tarnish and rust when it gets directly in contact with the body fluids and those that might contain something cause an allergic reaction. For some persons who are a bit sensitive to the metals, a particular plastic called Tygon are fine substitutes for the belly button rings.

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To avoid the infections, get your piercing done by the qualified expert person. Doing the piercing by the amateur might lead to problems such as body poisoning and infection even with proper sterilized equipment. Nerve damage may also be possibly occurred when the piercing is done by the amateur.

Pregnant woman can wear the belly button rings up to the 5th month of her pregnancy or when the skin in the stomach significantly begins to stretch.

Belly button ring piercing may take a bit while to be healed depend upon the person. The first day after the piercing, the belly button restrained bead ring will be removed by the expert piercer who did your piercing. When your belly button is healed, ask the piercer to replace the restrained bead with the brand new belly button rings.

When putting in the belly button ring, it is essential to wash your hands as clean as possible with the antibacterial soap for at least 5 minutes. While putting in the body jewelry, rub both holes with the finger to pinch the skin adjoining the belly button holes. When the belly button ring is putted in safely, clean once more the belly button ring to lessen the chance of skin infection.