4 Things to Find Out about Diamond Nose Ring

4 Things to Find Out about Diamond Nose Ring

The perfect shape of diamond nose ring will look so much beautiful, elegant and feels good to wear on your nose. For a stunning and healthy piercing, find out first which bad metal to avoid and determining the best tail shapes is the most important part.


Like with jewelry piercing at any part of the body, the metal used in creating the diamond nose is very much important. Avoiding some metals such as nickel is ideal as well as any of the metal that are regarded as free from nickel compound. Option can be made from palladium or platinum, 14 or 18 karat white or yellow gold or bio-flex one. Platinum is much more expensive but it has greater durability. It does not easily get discolored, oxidized or even tarnished and will hold the diamonds or any other precious gemstone very firmly in its place on the diamond nose ring. But gold in lower than 14 karat and the gold plated has very extreme levels of blends. These are very much possibly to corrode and will release ions into the blood stream which will cause skin irritation. Silver has more blends which are a bit harmful and should be never exposed to the blood stream and never be used in any body piercing.


Diamond nose rings are well designed and available in various size and lengths. The diamond nose ring that matches the measurement are quite more comfort and are less possible to cause harm to the piercing. The internet will also provide some help in finding out a professional body jeweler or the piercer expert.

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Diamond nose ring are available in various pins like the L, U and half U shapes. This frequently refers to the diamond nose ring tails shape and influences the changing between the ease and comfort of the piercing. Putting on nose pin can be done easily by simply pushing it through the nose and is mostly suited for most kind of noses, even though for persons with less elasticity of their skin, it is hard to push due to the wider ball.

The L shaped tail is very much self-explanatory and are greatly easy to be suit in. This L shaped diamond nose ring may be used on the initial piercing with an 18mm needle. Half U and U shaped diamond nose ring are very much equal to L shaped nose ring but are a bit more curved. Due to this they are a bid harder to be put in, but they are the most secure.


Most persons would love to wear diamond nose rings that are flat-lying, due to their minimized and tidy appearance. Since those rings do not use any claws to keep the diamond in their place, there is no chance of the any bacteria to lay down. But it is greatly hard to find a full flush nose ring. The jeweler who declare that they are selling flat lying nose rings, set the gemstones in a bezel, which are not completely lie flat. For a fascinating and beautiful appearance, cone shaped diamond should sit on the nose ring rather than make it appearance on the nose.

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