5 Most Common Setting of Jewelry Diamond Rings

5 Most Common Setting of Jewelry Diamond Rings

Diamonds are the symbol of class and elegance. Jewelry diamond rings or other diamond studded accessories are the major performance of luxury especially for a woman. One of the most preferred diamond jewelry is a jewelry diamond ring. Every woman always appreciate a nice jewelry diamond ring. Jewelry diamond rings can have various settings depending upon the wearer’s taste and style. A jewelry diamond setting is expected to beautify the stone and make it more attractive. Settings is varied by its techniques and the size of the diamond stone. Here are some settings technique that can be chosen from:

  1. Pave setting

This is the technique of setting whereby the surface of the jewelry diamond ring looks like covered in tiny diamonds. The tiny diamonds are usually from the similar size and are set in a way that they will fill the whole surface of the jewelry diamond ring. For the jeweler, a pave setting is expensive time spending as well as the price for the buyers. With this technique of setting, it is essential to find the jeweler expert who can get it properly because its beauty is in its detailing.

  1. Flush setting

This technique of setting is really match for someone with a smooth sense of lifestyle. It is just a simple style that does not need much work. It is done by sinking the diamond into the surface of the jewelry diamond ring until the stone is on the same level as the ring’s surface.

  1. Prong Setting

This technique is one of the most preferred and common settings. This technique of setting has a prong holding the diamond stone in its place. The prongs are commonly made of gold or platinum wires. They hold usually the diamond stone at the four corners of the stone. This is to ensure the diamond stone is held securely on its place on the jewelry diamond ring. It is essential to make sure that the prongs are not too many to make sure the maximum visibility and exposure of the diamond. The diamond stone is usually set a bit higher than the ring, which makes the diamond even more visible. There are quite some variations of the prong setting technique. This frequently depends upon the shape or cut of the diamond stone, such as princess cut diamond, solitaire, pear or heart shaped, emerald, etc.

  1. Bezel setting
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This technique is done by a metal that holding the diamond stone all around it. Usually the diamond stone is set higher than the ring as well. It is also a simple style without a bit more details to it. It usually will give another dimension to the diamond stone and makes the stone look even larger than it really is.

  1. Cluster setting

This kind of setting has tiny diamonds set in a clutter that represent a flower on the jewelry diamond ring. They can also be set in some abstract design as well as whatever your wishes. The clutter can be tight or open depend on your personal style.

  1. Channel Setting

This setting technique has the diamonds arrange in the same level as the surface of the jewelry diamond ring without the prongs. The metal band is designed in a particular way that makes channels in the middle of the ring and then the diamond stones are placed there. In this sort of setting technique, there is no main diamond at the center of the ring. It also provides a good protection for the stones as they are not exposed at any sides. The jewelry diamond ring with this setting technique is a very perfect style for a wedding band.

There are still a lot more various settings, some of them are depending on the type of the stones. Choosing a jewelry diamond ring setting is a very personal choice and it must be something that you prefer. The jewelry diamond ring you choose must also match your personality and lifestyle as well as comfortable to wear on.

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