6 Common Risks Of Wearing Piercing Jewelry

6 Common Risks Of Wearing Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry was come up hundreds years ago. Today, body piercing jewelry is arisen. They are worn by particular people in every corner of the world. It has the standard of great popularity among the younger people. There is no hesitation anymore that this type of jewelry may enhance the beauty of your body. However, you should be known carefully that there are some risks for body piercing jewelry. Here are several explanations about those risks of wearing such piercing jewelry. It is very important for you to know it before you pierce your body for wearing the piercing jewelry.

The most general risks for body piercing are infections, diseases transmission, allergies, bleeding, function lost, and dental or nerve damage.


Bacterial infection on the piercing spot is one of the most general risks for body piercing. Swelling and redness may be easily got around the pierced spots. Many dangerous bacteria may be injected in your skin because of the piercing puncture and unhealthy piercing technique and careless. The bad effects may or may not appear as soon as possible. Bacterial infections may occur in cysts that may then be generated as septicemia or toxic shock syndrome, if not properly treated. They will be serious and much fatal in particular cases.


Several people are a bit sensitive to particular materials, which can bring out the allergic reactions. A nickel allergy is today common for particular people at any age. It would be better to choose the non-allergic materials. Implanting the high grade stainless steel will have no possibility of causing the body reactions and allergies. At the same time, its price is low also. Gold, silver, and titanium are becoming the most used materials for piercing jewelry. But they have more specific requirements for goods. For example, gold piercing jewelry should be 18 karat or 75% contain gold for new piercing jewelry and at least 14k gold for healed piercing jewelry, and titanium jewelry should be highly polished to let down the porousness that may attach to your skin. However, the risks of allergies may be reduced by wearing high qualified piercing jewelry.

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Diseases transmission

Diseases transmission is one of the most dangerous risks for piercing jewelry. You may easily get infected with HIV, hepatitis B&C, and other horrible diseases if your condition is less hygienic and you never take good cares of the pierced spots. If you have really been infected, this can affect your entire life.

Function lost

Nipple piercing may mostly easily lead to the loss of breast feeding function. The nipple infections may transferred to the milk ducts then into the lymph nodes under your arm. Babies cannot absolutely drink it as it can bring serious harm to your babies.

Excessive bleeding

Body piercing can surely cause the blood bleeding. If a person is pierced his parts of body incorrectly, plenty of blood can be drained, which will result a fatal blow to your own health. Blood is the common mediator for transmission of diseases. Generally, there is no insurances for the unhygienic condition, let your blood safe and secure.

Nerve damage

It is often happened that many people lose some sense after the body piercing. If the body piercing jewelry part is not worn carefully, then it may damage your nerve system and cause the surrounding tissues permanently dead. Thus, you have to put on some safe equipment. For example, there are chances of wearing of tooth enamel that would chip the teeth and damage the gums.

These are the common risks of wearing the body piercing jewelry. There are also some other unexpected risks such as shock. Body piercing is an action that may harm your own health. You need take careful considerations before you make the decision about it. And when you decide to do so, you should have to take proper care for the piercing to reduce the chance of risks of wearing body piercing jewelry.

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