4 Tips for Jazz Band Weddings and Its Benefits

4 Tips for Jazz Band Weddings and Its Benefits

Having a jazz band wedding is one of the greatest ideas you can do to risen up the fun atmosphere at your wedding reception, because it is assured to keep guests fun and entertained as well as enjoying the event.

Your Favorite Playlist

But before you hire a wedding jazz band, you should consider what kind of song you want them to sing and play. Look at the song list the jazz bands have. If you browse them on the internet, check out their official websites and listen to their recordings if it suit your tastes or needs as well. Ask if they can accept the requests from the wedding guests as well as customize their song lists. Arrange a songs list and work more closely with the leader of the jazz band to customize the show and prepare a song list that contains your preferred songs.

Perfect Time for Perfect Show

You should also need the perfect time for the band to perform. It would be better if you have a schedule board include the time when the band is up for performances or down for breaks as well as speeches and other formalities. A good time for the band to perform is after the speech of the best man while the guest enjoying the servings. A jazz band can perform during the cocktail hour and meals, because they can play softer songs to enhance the conversations, then add a vocalist to the band for the last few hours to get everybody get on the dance floor.

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Stage Platform

For a jazz band wedding, you should have to be sure that the venue is having enough space for the band’s performance. An arisen platform with a bit spacious dance floor is better, and much better to place it besides the serving when all the guests can get a full attention from the band.

Various Music Genres and Styles

4 Tips for Jazz Band Weddings

Jazz bands are a bit unique because they can match many various music genres and styles, and because they play by improvisation and not by reading the music sheet, they have hundreds of songs in their mind. They will play with their soul and sing songs from the deepest heart as well as good to make the guest more comfort to enjoying the event. You do not need to hire another bands to play other genres. Jazz band wedding will have complete request from any genres. Even you do not have to pay a DJ for dancing, the jazz band can definitely play beat songs for dancing. It is perfect for money saving.

String quartets are the most wanted form of music shows for several wedding ceremonies, but a jazz band or just duo jazz pianist & vocalist will perform as well as beautifully because of the range of the instruments they can perform. Jazz bands can have from just 2 musicians and can up to a 20 persons on the band. Whatever the band size is, jazz band wedding are extremely flexible as they can play slow romantic songs for a wedding dance, and can also lively swinging the big band numbers for the dancing. It is quite difficult for the string quartets and other instrument ensembles to perform such music. They only can play music based on what they have on the music sheets. There is no limit at the jazz band wedding.

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Another good things at the jazz band wedding is that a solo singer may be added to the band which adds the attractiveness of their performance, which means that anybody can go up on the stage to song their preferred song and present it to the newlyweds.