5 Tips Before Choosing Promise Ring Engraving

5 Importance Before Choosing Promise Ring Engraving

When you choose a vintage diamond ring, usually you do not look at the diamond at first. The first thing you do is see its inside for the inscription. There is something nice about sentimental engravings from the past days that carries out the romantic to you. Your wedding rings will be much more precious when they are engraved with some message that is really meant to you and your partner. It is never too late to have promise ring engraving. You can make promise ring engraving any time you want, before you are married or years after.

One of the traditional promise ring engraving is your names and the wedding day or date, but you may be much more creative with the promise ring engraving. Pick out a special phrase from a poem, a song, your time together, religious writings, or anything. Your choices for the promise ring engraving are limitless.

Begin to thinking about the promise ring engraving earlier. Which word or phrase best reflect your relationship? Be sure to come up with some pretty ideas, and when you have such ideas, then start to consider a bit of the technical aspects for your promise ring engraving.

Measure the Rings Before Engrave

Be sure that your rings are fit to both your finger and promise ring engraving before being engraved, especially when the words or phrases is long, because the phrase might be damaged on the sizing process.

Methods of Hand Engraving

Hand promise ring engraving is accomplished with a graver tool that looks like a mini chisel. The sharp of gravers are formed into various shapes as well as offer various looks for the promise ring engraving text. Various shapes possibly make engravers choose the perfect tool for the lettering’s type you wish for. Many hand engravers expert are the artisans who can design your promise ring engraving into any text’s styles you prefer. Several engravers may even create some complex symbols.5 Importance Before Choosing Promise Ring Engraving

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Hand engravers occasionally would like to work on gold rings rather than on the platinum ring, since the gold ring is softer and has more multiple type for the engraving tool. On the other case, platinum does not relieve as easily as gold, so when it is there a promise ring engraving in platinum ring, it is usually longer last and more durable.

Methods of Machine Engraving

This Machine engraving method will be done with various types of power-driven ring engravers that work based on the templates or computer designs. The ring is inserted into the machine engravers and when it is turned on, the machine will print the letters out.

Machine engravers dig up into or stretch the metal apart to form the text for promise ring engraving. Several machine engravers only offer the block lettering, thus make sure to ask about the available choices for the lettering’s type.

Before Engraving your Promise Ring


Ask to look some examples of the work from hand engraver. Ask the same things to the company that produces the promise ring engraving with machine engraving. Do the sample promise ring engravings look like to be deep enough cuts which will longer lasting, or shallow cuts which will much more easily wear away? Know which lettering’s type the engraver feels will be the longest lasting and most durable on a ring that would be worn every day.

Also ask how long it will take to have the promise ring engraving made to make sure there is enough time to complete the work before the wedding ceremony day is coming.

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Will the promise ring engraving be sent out for the processing, or is it done in your own house? There are always risks of loss when the promise rings engraving are created out of the house. Make sure that the rings is covered by insurance while in the jeweler’s hand or when being sent to another person for work.

Promise Ring Engraving Cost

Making the promise ring engraving with machine will cost lesser than the hand engraving. However hand engraving is not extremely expensive unless you demand for many characters in a hardcore style. Choose the appearance you prefer and be sure that it would be durable enough, because hopefully you will wear your rings every day for the rest of your lives.