5 Simple Ways To Make Your Blue Sapphire Diamond Rings Longer Lasting

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Blue Sapphire Diamond Rings Longer Lasting

When you purchase a blue sapphire diamond ring, you wish to pass them down to the next generations of your children or grandchildren someday. Thus to do this you have to make sure and take appropriate care of your ring through the whole years so that you and your next generations will be able to enjoy their family heirloom as well as using it for their special occasion.

Just like everything else that you own, your blue sapphire diamond rings will need a proper periodic cleaning and grooming to keep it at its best appearance. Here are some simple caring tips:

  1. Dirt and Oils

Clean the rings, especially blue sapphire diamond rings, to enhance more sparkling and glittering. Smudged and dirty rings or rings that are covered with grim will decrease the beauty of the ring. Oil, water or dirt will easily reduce the natural sparkle of the blue sapphire diamond rings. Your ring will collect oil from your skin by common touching and handling. Dirt and grime will always sit at the bottom of the gemstones and thereby interfere the gemstone’s sparkle. A bit of oil film which smudges the gemstone will decrease the stone’s ability to reflect the light. Many detergents, dyes or other colored liquids will be affecting the true color of the gemstone.

  1. Precautions

Wear your blue sapphire diamond ring while doing a rude work might cause damage to the gemstones and precisely more so to certain gemstones like the blue sapphires. In addition, heavy sports, heavy thing lifting work and any other hardcore activities might be risky for your blue sapphire diamond rings. The clasps, bezels and other mechanisms that hold the stones in the ring might be loosen or even officially lost.Simple Ways To Make Your Blue Sapphire Diamond Rings Longer Lasting

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It is also wise to take off your blue sapphire diamond rings when going into a Jacuzzi, hot tub or swimming pool. Chlorine on the water might piled up in your rings and make the gold band or other metals frail which might be causing the loosening of the prongs that hold the gemstones. The same case might happen to the household bleaches, so it is wise to take off your ring when doing the house cleaning.

The sparkle of blue sapphire diamond rings may be dulled by toilet articles, such as soaps, powders, lotions, perfumes and hair sprays may decrease the sparkle of your gemstones as well.

  1. Cleaning

You can buy jewelry cleaning kits from some local jewelry stores or you may use some common household items to clean up your blue sapphire diamond rings. For the DIY method:

  • Mix warm water and mild detergent with a bit drops of ammonia in a clean bowl.
  • Soak your rings for a few minutes to make the oil and grime loosen.
  • Then smoothly clean your ring with smooth brush or toothbrush with the soft bristles.
  • Then using some warm water in separate clean bowl to rinse away the foamy.
  • Then dry the rings with a clean and soft cloth while trying not to touch directly your rings with your bare fingers.
  • When it is completely dried, then your rings will be ready to glow as bright as you wear it with your gorgeous outfits.
  • If using the jewelry cleaner kits, make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. Regular Checks
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The everyday wear of your blue sapphire diamond rings may be causing some of the frames or prongs to be loosen. Make sure to have a regular check for this in order not to losing one of your gemstones. It is difficult to notice that a gemstone from your ring is missing until it is too late to realize where to look for and find it.

Some jewelers can simply tighten the ring prongs that hold the gemstones, thus it is a good idea to stop by the local jewelry stores and have your blue sapphire diamond ring done regularly. And, if you would like to, you may have your rings cleaned by the jeweler also.

  1. Storing

Never store your blue sapphire diamond rings freely together with the other jewelry in the same storage. The diamonds on a piece of jewelry may scratch the other jewelry metals and gemstones. Your blue sapphire diamond rings are best stored in a fabric-lined storage with some separate compartments. For the additional safety, wrap each rings separately with soft cloth or place in a ring pouch.

Follow these instructions to make your blue sapphire diamond rings long lasting, thus you can enjoy them in their gorgeous sparkle. Or maybe good enough to be passed down through the generations as the family heirloom.