5 Tips to Personalize Your Ring Engagement Diamond

5 Tips to Personalize Your Ring Engagement Diamond

For most couples picking out a ring to describe their true love, rings engagement diamond are the one and only ring they would like to consider, even without taking a second thought. Diamonds have been the conventional gemstones for many people to choose for over hundreds years now and it does not happen just on several people to pick out anything else for their special engagement, a diamond is always on the top of the list.

Antique Rings

Many more couples are picking out rings engagement diamond to describe their own personal lifestyle. For instance, Celtic rings engagement diamond are quite becoming much more famous. The complex knot designs represent the family and their ethnic traditions. Antique or family heirloom rings are going deep into history as well as family tradition. The designer versions of these outstanding choices are often made with sharp patterns that decipher the words or dates, and unique designed of ring settings are used to represent the couple’s tastes for personal ideas.


Several couples are even choosing for the birthstone rings rather than the conventional rings engagement diamond. The birthstone rings might have the stones that symbolize the birth of the bride and groom, or gems to symbolize the meaningful dates of their relationship, like the date they first met or the date they have their first kiss.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone ring styles are also becoming more popular these days, whether used for the engagement or just as a diamond ring for a stunning gift or other momentum. The three diamonds as the center stone are being larger than the other two. Some couples symbolize it as the present, the past and the future of their life. As for the other couples they have more religious meaning, as being the symbol of The Holy Trinity.

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Engraving RIngs

To put in some uniqueness and intimacy to your conventional rings engagement diamond, you might also choose to have something precious engraved inside the band. While several cultures believe this is a kind of pretty bad luck for the happy couple as they believe it will weaken the metal, the other cultures see it as a good way of bonding the couple with an endless circle of life and love.

Platinum Rings

Most of jewelry designers are working much more in order to get the contemporary styles and designs of rings engagement diamond. Among them, the most famous category is the platinum ring engagement diamond. Platinum metal is now quite famous in the market and is preferred than white gold to be combined with diamonds in making engagement rings. The excellent color and sparkle of platinum carries a great appearance to the already popular styles such as Zen, Regency or Victorian.Tips to Personalize Your Ring Engagement Diamond

Platinum metal is certainly much more expensive than the other metals as its extraction would take a lot of difficult work and being already a little available, its producing process is also much difficult. But the beauty that soon will come up in a Platinum Ring Engagement Diamond is precious for the money spent on it. Having a fewer number of mines and the use of exaggerated ounces of platinum ore to extract, the price will leave your mouth open wide, but its beauty is equally charming.

While you go to choose platinum ring engagement diamond, just be sure that the platinum metal has the age sign for its quality and is basically PT950 or PLAT. This will make sure that the ring is pure and authentic. Only a genuine ring engagement diamond and platinum is much precious to purchase.

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