Simple Tips for DIY Rings Using Silver Ring Blanks

Simple Tips for DIY Rings Using Silver Ring Blanks

It is not difficult to make some rings when you have silver ring blanks. A silver ring blank is generally a ring that has not yet go through the finishing processes. These silver ring blanks are just the round silver metals that form the base of a ring. Some of them are even available with some bezels, so you can set gemstones of your choice with bezel setting on them. But although they are simple, you can make them much more outstanding and gorgeous rings.

Silver ring blanks are available in many various sizes and shapes. While some of them are sized and solid, some others are modifiable. You may combine a silver ring blank with any element to make attractive fashion rings.

For the beginning, you will require your supplies and tools being ready. To create a simple ring, pick out a gemstone that you wish to be the focal point of your silver ring. You can have some cleaning solution in order to clean your silver ring blank and epoxy resin. Use some acetone to clean your silver ring blank and then rinse the silver ring blank again with refined water. Keep it to completely dry.

Now get the gemstone and set it in a position where you wish it to be pasted. If you are going to use many various small gemstones then you may paste them firstly all together and then paste the cluster to your silver ring blank. If you paste them individually to the silver ring blank then you are unable to get the preferred design. Your ring can be made by using any element. If you do not have any gemstone, you may use some fused glass or some other things that would be nice for your rings.

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Once you have decided on the preferred style and design and have your supplies and tools ready, you can mix the epoxy resin and use it to paste the objects to the silver ring blank. If your silver ring blank is composed of a bezel, then you may set the gemstones or objects on top of the blank and pour the mixture over them. Keep the resin to cure and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package about the time you will need to make it to be pasted. If you do not want to use epoxy resin, there are many kinds of glue that you can purchase from the local store and use it to arrange the gemstones on the silver ring blank.Tips for DIY Rings Using Silver Ring Blanks

Silver Ring Blanks for Beading

It is quite simple to use silver ring blanks for beading. Here is a short guide on using the silver ring blanks that you have made for beading.

The first thing to do is pick a silver ring blank you have made. Then, you must select the beads that you want to be included in your ring. You must always use the beads that would be attractive to you and those that make your silver ring stand out. For beaded silver rings, crystal beads are the most famous choice, but you may also go with other kinds of beads. Mainly, you should work with the beads you are comfort with. Then use some affordable beads when you do not want to spend too much money for making beaded ring with silver ring blanks.

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Now once you have all the stuffs required for creating a ring, you should use the elastic cords and slip some beads onto them. Since you will be just using one bead for each loop, the amount of beads you will use is depended upon the amount of loops on the silver ring blank. But, if you want to make a clustered ring, you may use 3 or more beads for each loop. This will help you to achieve a tighter and larger beaded ring. Repeat these steps until all loops are pasted with beads. Once making sure that all loops on your silver ring blank are covered by beads, you should tie a knot that can then be hidden under these beads. If you do not like the appearance of the ring, you may always switch the beads on the silver ring blanks.