3 Tips for Having Celebrity Engagement Rings

3 Tips for Having Celebrity Engagement Rings

It seems every time a celebrity is getting engaged, all eyes over the world will be on that stunning and amazingly beautiful celebrity engagement ring. It is not surprising that we always feel envy when we look at those celebrities. Celebrities will always have the chance to have a custom celebrity engagement ring. The celebrity engagement rings will be mostly extremely unique and valuable. It would be definitely nice to have a ring like the celebrities have. The good thing is you may find many celebrity engagement ring styles at a very affordable cost if you only know what and where to look for. There are three thing you have to consider for having celebrity engagement rings.

  1. Consider the Antique Store

Most of celebrity engagement rings will have an ancient world style. Infrequently they consist of only a diamond with solitaire style. On the contrary, they will always have a complex or unique design. There will be normally also various types of gemstones. Recently, a famous celebrity trend is including sapphires rather than diamonds according to English royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate. If you want have a celebrity engagement ring style, then try to visit the antique shops. You will find a huge amount of various vintage rings that will provide the same charm as a celebrity engagement ring, of course with the friendly price tag. Several antique stores are specialized in the vintage jewelry, and you will realize that you have much more choices there.

Art Deco is especially popular among the celebrities. This era brought about a different style that is easy to look for in the antique stores all over the world.

  1. Consider the Lab Crafted Diamond
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Most of celebrity engagement rings are having bold, big and stunning diamonds. Without question, as you are purchasing a ring, a 4-carat diamond stone might be out of your budget range. You also may not be able to spend 10 thousands dollars on a single ring. That does not mean you cannot get that diamond though. This is the perfect time you have to try considering the lab crafted diamonds. These artificial diamonds may be as beautiful as the natural pieces with a very lower price tag.

For example, a high quality lab crafted diamond should have about 100 dollars per carat. When you calculate the cost of the diamond stone by the cost of its setting, you will discover a very beauty celebrity engagement ring style choice for a very much friendlier price.Tips for Having Celebrity Engagement Rings

  1. Consider the Metal

The most popular metal choices for celebrity engagement rings is the platinum. Surely, platinum is a very appeal material and it is an extremely expensive metal. You may recreate the appearance for a lower cost by selecting the silver metal instead. Many people may have a bit doubt at silver. But when was the last time you look at two rings that are made of each platinum and silver and make the different between the platinum one and the silver one? The metal will look as appeal as well, but it may be much more in your budget range. Celebrity engagement rings are of course a few of the most beautiful and prominent choices available. Certainly, celebrities can afford to make these custom rings to be extremely fascinating. The average people cannot afford such a ring. But that does not mean you cannot buy an incredible ring to rival the celebrities have. Even you just have to know where to look for, thus you will find friendlier price choices.

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