What Makes an Engagement Ring Unique?

What Makes an Engagement Ring Unique?

Ring is a permanent symbol for an important relationship for the entire life. When a couple decides to be engaged, they will soon look for a ring to symbolize their engagement. As an object that lasts for the rest of the couple lives, it is usually created as unique as possible because every person or relationship is unique. This makes an engagement ring a unique ring compared to common rings that usually are merely used as accessories. Then, the question is, what makes an engagement ring unique?

As indirectly mentioned above, an engagement ring is not a common ring, such as a fashion ring or a customized ring, it is a unique ring that symbolizes the devotion of a man and a woman’s love for their entire life. In order to answer why an engagement ring unique is, these following facts will give you some clues.

From the historical aspect, as all is curious, we can know where and when this tradition was started. The legend started on the 14th century from an Austrian man who intended to be engaged with his lover. At that time, the ancient Egyptians believed that the right hand middle finger had a vein that was straight directly to the heart. Then, he placed a diamond ring to the lady’s left hand middle finger, as he wanted to tie the lady’s heart with his. Why is a diamond added on such a ring? Besides making an engagement ring unique, the diamond is known as a precious gemstone that has a deep value from its geological aspect.

Stating about the geological aspect of a diamond to make engagement ring unique, it needs to know how the diamond was formed in the nature. Chemically, diamond is a 99.9% pure carbon crystal. A crystal means a component that constructs a substance that is well arranged to make it the hardest naturally occurrence substance that had been known.  The formation takes place beneath the earth’s surface, and it is released to the swallower earth surface by the volcanoes eruption. Then, it is mined as the rough diamond. Such a rare natural occurrence makes a diamond a precious stone. Moreover, it has sparkle and shiny looks, making it perfect as a jewelry element. This short explanation may give you some clues why adding a diamond makes engagement ring unique? Then, how about a man uses non-diamond for the engagement ring, is it that engagement ring unique?

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Gemstones, such as ruby, amethyst and emerald can replace diamonds for engagement rings.  Although, it is not a diamond, a gemstone still makes an engagement ring unique, how? Each gemstone formation is almost on a similar process as a diamond’s, the thing that makes them different is the rock composition and the impurity. In addition, those gemstones are representing a birth month, thus, it is still able to make an engagement ring unique.