Things You Must Know about Platinum Diamond Ring Settings

Things You Must Know about Platinum Diamond Ring Settings

Talking about a diamond ring, whatever the band material is, it will look sparkling and shining. The setting term on a ring refers to a piece that holds a stone attached to its band. It can be a pronged, such as on a classic setting or surrounding a stone such as a modern setting. The setting element, usually in accordance to the band, for example, the platinum ring will use platinum diamond ring settings. Nevertheless, other materials, such as gold, sometimes also use platinum diamond ring settings.  The combination of a gold ring band and a platinum setting is used to magnify the background color of the gold band, contrasting the diamond tinting, and strengthening each element.

Platinum is a white metal, it is used in the jewelry such as on platinum diamond ring settings on its almost pure element, which is up to 95%. This metal is very white, thus, it does not need to be plated with other metals, such as rhodium, as a white metal does. It is a dense and heavy metal, as for the price, it is more expensive than gold.  It is a prestige choice, and mostly chosen because of its appearance. This metal is mainly using for an engagement and wedding ring both for men and women, such as on platinum diamond ring settings that are combined with a black diamond on it.

The way of the diamond set on the platinum diamond ring settings can be a major aspect how the entire look is alike. For example, a thin platinum ring wrapping around the diamond on a bezel style will give a bigger look of the diamond. The other example, in comparison of the solitaire setting with the pave setting, the solitaire setting indeed will magnify the diamond size and make it look bigger; however, it has a high cost. Additionally, the pave setting that covers the band with tiny less than a 1 carat diamond will be sparkling enough to give the same effect, and surprisingly, the cost will up to 90% less than the bigger solitaire style.

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Similar to gold diamond ring settings, the platinum diamond ring settings that come in pronged consist of 4 or six prongs. The latter mostly chosen to hold the diamond tighter. If the platinum diamond ring is often used for significant activity, the visible platinum diamond ring settings may be a better choice. This choice includes the modern setting, in which the diamond is surrounded by the platinum diamond ring settings, the diamond will look like placed on the inside of the rounded setting.