4 Most Exclusive Brighton Jewelry Box Sets

4 Most Exclusive Brighton Jewelry Box Sets

If you are a jewelry collector, surely you need a jewelry box to store your collection. The jewelry box is absolutely needed, when you have a lot of jewelry, whether it is a customized jewelry or fashion jewelry. Moreover, it comes into an engagement or wedding ring as a part the jewelry. Despite its function as the jewelry storage, a jewelry box can also be a room decoration or table accessory.  If you need a jewelry box that covers the function and the additional luxurious look, Brighton jewelry box is the best choice.

The Brighton jewelry box is the high quality jewelry box that offers beauty as well as functional purposes. It is medium or bigger sized, and usually comes with a stray and compartment inside, so much jewelry can be stored all in one box. For the box set, it mostly comes into a small compartment on a dark leather color, such as dark brown and black. Inside of the box, there is a place to put the jewelry, such as a ring, earrings or a necklace. The interior inside the box is covered with the concord velvet leather; adding the luxurious and exclusive looks of the Brighton jewelry box. This kind of Brighton jewelry box is usually made as Brighton home and gifts.

As for the material and design, Brighton jewelry box has the top quality material and the stylist timeless design. Thus, once you bought Brighton jewelry box, it will last for long time. Here is the list of 4 most exclusive Brighton jewelry box collections:

  1. Black wolf Brighton jewelry box

This box has a Saffiano leather material. It is available in different sizes: large, medium and small. Besides black color, there is also dark brown color available on those three different sizes. For the interior feature, there is a vanity mirror and two moveable pulling strays with an open compartment.  There is also dual snap closure and the key made of chrome. The rigid design and top quality material make this box look fancy as well as luxurious.

  1. White-Wolf Brighton jewelry box
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Similar to the previous case, the white color gives a more exclusive appearance, in contrast with the interior feature that comes in pink.

  1. Travel box of Brighton jewelry box

This is one of the exclusive jewelry boxes that are sophisticated for a gift. Its size makes it called as a travel box, yet, it has an elegant look. The box exterior is wrapped with a matte Saffiano leather material with a special texture. There are three open storage compartments inside the box. The box is also completed with a mirror on its lid.

  1. Box set of Brighton jewelry box

It comes in an elegant black color featured with a black velvet interior. Almost similar to other Brighton jewelry box, this box has a B letter engraved on its exterior lid, adding an elegant look to this box.