4 Most Popular Fashion Jewelry for Women in Hollywood

4 Most Popular Fashion Jewelry for Women in Hollywood

The term costume jewelry is often interchangeable with fashion jewelry for women by consumers, however, for designer jewelry women, the two types are slightly different. The costume jewelry was popular on the Hollywood since 1830s; the term has changed in early 1980s. Starting from this period, the fashion jewelry for women is used more often than the costume jewelry. Basically, both have similarities in consumer benefits, they are much affordable in price compared to fine jewelry.

The consumers bought this kind of jewelry to look fashionable but still in budget. Jewelers maintained its price by mimicking the fine jewelry appearance with less expensive materials. From 1930s, the costume jewelry was known to be the customized design jewelry made by personal orders; however, as the time went, the costume jewelry was possessed different purposes. It tended to complete an outfit, so the wearer would look more fashionable. This trend had started from early 1980s, when the fashion jewelry term had been started to use.

Glamorous lives in Hollywood truly have brought a big impact on the trend of fashion jewelry for women from era to era. The 1930s to 1940s is the golden era of Hollywood stars. The fashion jewelry for women that were worn by the actress had become a big hit on that era. The jewelry of Hollywood from that era up to recently has been exhibiting on the museum of fine arts Boston. The museum shows how the costume jewelry transformed into fashion jewelry for women, which has slightly been different in purpose.

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While the Hollywood jewelry is identical with the glamorous looks, Hollywood jewelry adopts vintage styles as well as classic styles. Here is the summary of most popular fashion jewelry for women in Hollywood.

  1. Vintage Glamorous Style

The fashion jewelry for women goes on this style not only for the ring; this also includes a pin, a pendant, earrings and a necklace.  The vintage style is completing a dazzling look of a Hollywood jewelry wearer.

  1. Classic Glamorous Style

Included on this category, the fashion jewelry for women is the most popular one, the sparkling effect from the gemstone of the classic style gives a classic as well as glamour appearance.

  1. Bridal Style

The bridal style of the fashion jewelry for women that is popular in Hollywood includes any kind of the jewelry, such as earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace and a pendant. For example, it has a round ball pearl of earrings in 18 carat platinum. The white color of the pearl and platinum reflects a bridal style, which is adopted greatly into small pieces of earrings.

  1. Old Hollywood Style

The old Hollywood style of fashion jewelry for women refers to the jewelry that consists of transparent gemstones in any color, except white. For example, green earrings are made of emerald, and a violet pendant is made of ruby.