How to Select Silver Wire for Jewelry Making

How to Select Silver Wire for Jewelry Making

There are many wire types for jewelry making. The wire is the backbone of the entire jewelry. Therefore, it is essential point to know for all jewelers to achieve the best quality of the jewelry that is desirable. Based on the material and size, different wires should be used for the different projects. For example, a silver wire for jewelry making should be used to make a silver jewelry. Additionally, to choose the most suitable wire for jewelry making, the basic knowledge that jewelers need to know is that each metal has its own characteristic, those characteristic would be the main consideration point before making the jewelry. The characteristic of the materials, strength, quality and overall appearance of the jewelry should be well-planed.

As for making silver jewelry, considering the characteristics of the silver jewelry and their size is the first step in choosing a silver wire for jewelry making. In general, there are two important aspects regarding the wire, particularly, the silver wire for jewelry making. Those two aspects are hardness and so-called gauge. Hardness refers to how hard the material is, in this case silver. It is divided into three main categories of hardness: fully hard, half-hard and dead-soft. As for the gauge, refers to thickness. The   silver wire for jewelry making will be thicker as the number gets smaller.

The silver wire for jewelry making is the most tarnished resistant in its high purity. It is less expensive compared to gold wire. On the market, the highest available silver wire for jewelry making is up to 92.5%. This material mostly alloys with copper or nickel up to 100%. The additional metals, especially copper, are the main culprit of every tarnishing process.

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However, this silver wire for jewelry making can be cleaned easily, by wiping it with a soft fabric and warm water. The deep cleansing can be done by submerging it in a mixture of salt and baking powder in warm water for about 15 minutes. Periodic cleansing is needed to maintain its shining and antique look. Silver wire for jewelry making is the most popular wire for jewelry making; it is available on all the harness levels.

The last thing to be considered is the size. The size should be matched with the project. For example, the silver wire in 0.51 mm thickness is better for silver wire beading.