4 Best Selling Jewelry Sets in Palm Beach Jewelry

4 Best Selling Jewelry Sets in Palm Beach Jewelry

The Palm Beach Jewelry is a trusted jeweler since 1952 with its famous finest certificated diamond. They offer many kinds of high quality jewelry in a wide range of prices. They often hold Palm Beach Jewelry show to exhibit their art and antique jewelry. The coming event will be held on February 15th, 2015 on Palm Beach county convention center.

The Palm Beach Jewelry offers fashionable and trendy jewelry at affordable prices, the quality is also guaranteed. Thus, Palm Beach Jewelry has gained trust from the customers since the first year of the establishment. Special deals are offered periodically, and a wide range of jewelry models are available on the homepage www.palmbeachjewelry.com.

Different kinds of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings are provided from different elements, such as gold, silver or platinum. The Palm Beach Jewelry also provides jewelry for men and women. The products also come in set, such as for couple or for head-to-toe accessories.

The Best Seller Set Items On Palm Beach Jewelry

The bestselling item among all the set products on Palm Beach Jewelry is the bridal set ring for wedding or engagement. The zirconia ring bridal set, both the cubic or round designs, is the top selling set item on Palm Beach Jewelry.  This kind of ring set is available only on one color in 14-18 carat of gold. The price ranged from $80 to $90. For this ring set, the Palm Beach Jewelry offers a special deal that can save up to 50% during a certain period.

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The second best seller set item is the necklace and drop ring set in yellow gold 18 carat. Without any additional gemstone for the combination, this jewelry set has shined yellowish appearance. the price is no less than $13, it has rounded golden ball pieces arranged as a long necklace, the earring is a rounded gold ball thus it is made of drop pieces of earring.

The multi-color beaded necklace and earring are placed on the third rank of the bestselling item. This set comes in an 18 carat of yellow gold. The cost is approximately $15, this design is customizable; thus the price may increase. This jewelry has combined maroon, green, gold and brown color, delivering the sassy fashion of its wearer.

The fourth bestselling set item is a black crystal style of necklaces and earrings. With the square cut of the black crystal in noticeable size, it will cost around $40. The length of the necklace is adjustable from 18 inches to 20 inches in length. The black color gives a vintage style to the wearer.