Elegant Jewelry Boxes from Different Materials

Elegant Jewelry Boxes from Different Materials

Based on a survey conducted by the administration planning division of the Israel ministry of trade, labor and industry, it had been concluded that most of women all over the world bought 5-6 jewelry for each year, which is up to 39% of necklace. According the jewelry materials, the survey data shows that up to 29% of women would buy gold as for their jewelry collection and up to 23% would go for silver, and the rest filled with the embedded gold or the metal alloy. And the most surprising data, it was shown that up to 58% women bought jewelry without any special event, most probably for personal collection, or filling their jewelry boxes.

Based on those statistical data, we can say that most of women all over the world surely love to buy, wear even collecting jewelry. They used their jewelry collection whether for special occasion or daily used. Mostly they are collecting different kind of jewelry at once, whether made of silver, gold or platinum. It’s also woman nature that they loved beauty end eventually the elegancy. In order to protect their collection from stain or tarnish, they usually use jewelry boxes for their jewelry collection storage. Beside for its beauty maintenance, the jewelry boxes also give the elegancy. Especially, when the jewelry boxes made of special material with unique models, it would not only as the box for jewelry storage but also as a room decoration.

Each material of jewelry packaging would have its own charming. Mostly, the jewelry boxes consist of strays and compartment inside the box. Here are some jewelry box materials:

  1. Wooden Jewelry boxes
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The most common jewelry boxes available on the market are wooden jewelry boxes. With different kind of models, this wooden material offers its own beauty. As the simplest model for this material, as square box with the compartment inside and the crude wood coloring by varnish. The decorative design usually put on outside of the box. For wooden jewelry boxes the decoration could be a carved of flower or other object that depict the beauty. Even carved decoration, this wooden material jewelry box would shows their elegancy through its simple looks.

  1. Non-wooden Jewelry boxes

Other than wooden material, the PVC compartment wrapped with velvet leather would also create an elegant jewelry boxes. The velvet surfaces enhance the elegancy of the box. The other choice is the glass jewelry box. It would give transparent appearance, thus the partition of compartment as well as the jewelry inside the box will be seen from outside. The glossy finishing of the glass will give the elegant look of the box.