When Should You Put Diamond in your Pave Engagement Rings?

When Should You Put Diamond in your Pave Engagement Rings?

Wedding or engagement must be the most important and memorable moments for the rest of most people’s lives as well as dealing with beautiful pave engagement rings. This is the main reason why most people around the world are willing to give their best efforts for their most special day in their life. And as we have already known that wedding ring or engagement ring is regarded to be the most important thing in wedding or engagement event. There is no wedding or engagement without a ring.

Pave Engagement Rings: The Beauty of the Glittering Tiny Diamonds

These days, there are many couples out there who tend to choose pave engagement rings for their special day because it gives a glamorous alternative of multi-stone engagement ring sets. Pave diamond rings have very unique and elegant designs along with such brilliant rings. There is no reason for not falling in love with the look of these magnificent engagement rings. Here are several interesting elements in a set of pave diamond engagement rings.

  1. The best element of the pave engagement rings is about a setting where the band is literally paved with glittering tiny diamonds. Pave settings can minimize the appearance of the metal but can maximize the illusion of those tiny diamonds.
  2. Actually, most pave engagement rings settings are constructed from platinum and white gold.
  3. The most common shapes for pave are princess and round because it can practically add brilliance to the ring without needed fancier center stone.


Pave Engagement Rings: A Timeless Design for Celebrating Special Moments

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Pave engagement rings have three basic designs including center stone, wide band, and simple design. The simple design is constructed without the center stone so that it would be the best choice for celebrating anniversary or being known as eternity bands. Don’t forget to take diligent care for the gemstone since it is generally being exposed for long time. You can do daily wear care as well as cleaning and repair it.

As with any diamonds, the cost for pave diamond engagement rings can be quite expensive or affordable depending on the quality of the stones and the designs. Of course a designer ring will be much more expensive than a customized ring. Actually, choosing colored gemstones can help you to lower the overall price. Thus, pave engagement rings can be an incredible alternative for such a solitaire engagement ring.