How to Maintain the Beauty in Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to Maintain the Beauty in Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is one of the famous metals for jewelry, after gold and platinum. On sterling silver jewelry, silver usually alloy with other metals such as copper. Silver alone provides durable and versatile jewelry, however, the alloy makes sterling silver jewelry easy to be stained or tarnished, because its origin character is easy to react with moisture or pollutant on the air, causing the stain or tarnish developed on the sterling silver jewelry’s surface. The stain or tarnish on its surface will reduce the shininess and its beauty, thus we need to maintain the sterling silver jewelry in a proper way.  Here are some tips how to maintain the beauty of sterling silver jewelry. Check it out!

The Storage Technique of Sterling Silver Jewelry

This is a basic rule that jewelry should be stored in a cool and dry place. In this case, you can use Tupperware or a similar box that prevents the air directly in contact with the sterling silver jewelry. The gas-tight zipper bag is also one of the solutions. Before storing on the box, you can put the jewelry on it, then store it on the box. Please notice that you should never put this silver jewelry in a bathroom or any place that has high moisture.

The usage

Silver jewelry is mostly used for women as a piece of accessories, another basic rule, the sterling silver jewelry, such as sterling silver rings, should be the last accessories to put when going out, and the first thing to be removed when coming back home.

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As mentioned before, sterling silver jewelry consists of 90% silver and alloy with copper and other metals up to 100%, thus it is easy to be tarnish because of the moisture on the air. The sweat and lotion that may stick on our skin would also be able to react with the sterling silver jewelry and cause the tarnishing process.

When the air is polluted with sulfuric compound, the reaction between sulfuric compound and copper create the black layer on the surface. Even, it can be cleaned by the mixture of salt and baking powder in warm water, it is better to prevent this reaction. This prevention method can be done by cleaning the silver jewelry after using and before storing. This cleaning method can be done by a simple thing such as wiping with a soft fabric. Please remember that, remove the accessories before swimming or taking a shower. Do not wear sterling silver jewelry when you are sleeping, the movement during sleeping may cause cracking.

What to do each day:
Maintain your precious jewelry completely dry
Moisture is the main reason that precious jewelry tarnishes or stones pall or discolored. Store your jewelry in a dry location (no, not the side of the bathtub or shower room counter), as well as eliminate each item when you shower or wash your hands.

Get a jewelry box or organizer
Well, I have a great deal of fashion jewelry. I such as to keep a couple of devoted storage space spaces around my house; in my room, living area, and kitchen (oh yep, take your rings off when you clean your dishes, also). This aids me recognize where my jewelry is so I know I’m not overlooking it.

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Take care with your rocks
Much to my dismay, rocks aren’t as hard as they look. They can last a lifetime or longer if treated with love and also treatment, but you obtained ta understand exactly how to do it right. Avoid wearing stone-set precious jewelry when doing energetic tasks that may trigger the rock to strike or brush up against something hard. Prevent revealing your rocks to sweat, oils, lotions, and also water. Make sure to dry your stone delicately and also leave it somewhere airy to completely dry if you do get it damp.

Pro Tip:
Hotsprings often have percentages of sulfur existing. Sulfer is a natural oxidizing agent. I in fact make use of liver of sulfur to purposefully darken many of my designs, yet you may wind up unintentionally oxidizing your precious jewelry if you take it in the hotsprings to soak with you. Take a water resistant baggie to stash it, or leave it at home.

Just how to by hand polish Sterling Silver:
You’ll need a brightening fabric, great quality steel wool, or a great grit fining sand pad. These Sunshine Cloths are very advised in the metalsmithing area, but I make use of the finest-grade steel wool I can find at the equipment shop. The wool will certainly offer a combed steel appearance (this is generally what I like), and the polishing cloth will give a shinier result.