4 Ideas of Unique Engagement Rings

4 Ideas of Unique Engagement Rings

If you’re searching for distinct engagement rings, you have actually come to the ideal place. The typical engagement ring for so long has been the traditional, solitaire ruby. What started as a simple – yet brilliant – advertising trick by a specific diamond business became a societal convention and pairs over the past a number of years have thrown their own tastes aside as well as even gone into financial obligation to acquire the ring they presumed was a “have to” for involved pairs.

Thankfully, we now know better. Every little thing we do these days is customized. We must not listen to the radio anymore. We got our iPods. We do not need to engage with the “mainstream.” We obtained niche dating sites.

We go shopping according to our tastes – vegan, gluten totally free, regional and also natural. We eat info according to our worths – are you a Fox news person or more of a NY Times person?

So it makes sense that we need to go with the engagement ring that fits United States – not everyone else.

Are you planning to get engaged in the near future? Are you looking for unique engagement rings?  Before buying an engagement ring, it is better to do research or look for references about the engagement ring, especially if you are looking for a unique ring that will meet you and your fiancé sense of taste. Here are some ideas related unique engagement rings.

#1. Unique engagement rings from noble metal with simple or customize designs.

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The most common jewelry is made of noble metal such as gold or platinum. Using the same metals, you can create a unique ring by customizing its design. While the gold provides yellowish to orange colors, the platinum will provide silvery looks, and both are perfect to make a unique ring with or without stone. The simplest yet unique one is the one without attaching any stones. As for the design, the knot ring can be a choice. The knot ring is simple and having a deep meaning, especially for the relationship between the couple. The knot can depict the bonding between the couple. Therefore, this is the best idea for beauty on its simplicity.

#2. Unique engagement rings made of diamond

The diamond ring is sophisticated one for unique engagement rings. It is a precious stone, shining on the dark and valuable. Therefore, using a diamond for an engagement ring as to symbolize the couple’s eternal love is kind of tradition since early 1900s. Then, how does the black diamond?   The days have changed, and so has the trend. In these past few years, the black diamond seems to be a new trend for an engagement ring. Its black color gives a luxurious, fashionable and noticeable look; additionally, it is suitable both for man and woman. Along with the shining and silvery looks of platinum, this black diamond fits best for the engagement ring.     Unique Antique Engagement Rings

#3. Unique engagement rings made of non-diamond

There are a lot of choices when deciding to put a non-diamond stone for an engagement ring. One of those choices is a pearl. Using a perfectly round pearl on a ring, it will give you unique antique engagement rings and modernity at once.

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#4. Unique engagement rings made of titanium

This material is not a common material for unique engagement rings, thus it will be the one with the uniqueness. This material will give black to its light grey color. As for the design, you can add a texture on the surface or even combine with a woody grain style to get a unique engagement ring ever.