How to Store Vintage Engagement Rings to Maintain Its Quality

How to Store Vintage Engagement Rings to Maintain Its Quality

Talking about vintage engagement rings means that we are not only talking about its beauty, uniqueness, and elegance, but we are also talking about the history and the meaning behind it. Of course, each piece of unique jewelry has its own history. And each piece of classic look jewelry has its own meaning, which means that the meaning can be really different from one person to another.

Vintage Engagement Rings: Uniqueness and Timeless Design

Things like uniqueness, classic look, timeless design, and the natural beauty cannot be separated when we are talking about vintage engagement rings. For instance, a mother’s boy is giving her engagement ring to her daughter in law to be and it is considered to be a family engagement ring. Or there is a father who often traveling around the world and he is about to give her daughter an engagement ring from a place he’s ever been there. This engagement ring can have a meaningful history for years to come.

Since it is regarded to be something precious and meaningful, you need to take an extra care for maintaining your vintage engagement rings so that it still look best before and after the wedding moment. Another reason to care for a classic engagement ring is about keeping it become a treasure which can be passed down from generation to generation. Here some amazing ways to protect your vintage engagement rings:

  1. Just before you start to housecleaning, swimming, doing vigorous activity like sports, and applying heavy make-up, it would be a better idea if you take off your ring first for avoiding anything which can dull the stone in your ring.
  2. It is extremely important to always keep your vintage engagement rings in a safe place to prevent it from misplacing or getting scratched by other gems. And avoid putting the ring in vulnerable places like bathtubs or sinks.
  3. You need to clean your ring at least once a month in order to keep it brilliant and sparkling. Since the oils in your hands can cloud the gems, you need to handle the ring infrequently.
  4. Insuring your precious vintage engagement rings can be really a nice idea for avoiding from any loss, damage, or theft.
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Maintaining the Ring by the Right Storing and Cleaning

As a result, cleaning the vintage engagement rings periodically will be quite essential to keep your precious ring look as brilliant as the first time you put it on your finger. Of course you can always choose whether you want to clean your ring by yourself or by asking the help of the professionals. Moreover, Tacori engagement rings can be easily cleaned by bringing it to its store.

If your ring is not too dirty, you can always do the cleaning on your own. After that, it is the best idea to store it in a jewelry box which has soft fabric material. You must to keep in mind that you should never store your vintage engagement rings with other pieces of jewelry in order to avoid any scratch or nick other pieces.