An Introduction to Mood Ring Color Meanings Chart

An Introduction to Mood Ring Color Meanings Chart

First of all, the mood ring is created by two inventors named Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds in 1975. In fact, a mood ring is a quartz stone which bonded with a thermochromic element called a liquid crystal. And soon, this quartz stone is bonded with liquid crystals to form a ring. This mood ring is firstly being sold at $45 for silver setting and $250 for gold. In order to know more on the details about this kind of ring, you need to take a look at the mood ring color meanings chart.

Mood Ring Color Meanings Chart: Giving Information about the Exact Mood

Basically, this mood ring works with a specialized liquid crystal thermometer which can simply measure the temperature on our body. Thus, the changes in temperature will significantly cause the liquid crystal to be able to reflect different lights which can affect the color of the faux gemstone (often made from quartz or glass). For your additional information, the base liquid crystal is usually set up to display the neutral color of the average temperature of human beings which is about 37 degree Celsius. This is why; for knowing the exact mood, it is important to look at mood ring color meanings chart.

mood ring color definitions

Of course, besides giving you some information about the exact mood, the mood ring color meanings chart can also be used to display each tone of color which is related to the temperature of the body. Just like any other types of rings, mood rings are simply available in a plenty of different amazing designs, shapes, and sizes to be chosen from based on mood ring color meanings chart. For the example, you can choose a lucky heart mood ring, a butterfly mood ring, a magnetic mood ring, and many more. For more details, here are some explanations about mood ring color meanings chart:

  1. Green: active, in the mood of reading, and not under great stress.
  2. White: bored, confused, frustrated.
  3. Orange: daring wants, stimulating ideas.
  4. Blue: calm, relaxed, loveable.
  5. Grey: nervous, strained, anxiety.
  6. Blue green: inner emotion, charged.
  7. Pink: uncertain, fear, unanswered questions.
  8. Yellow: imaginative, feeling okay, wondering thoughts.
  9. Red: energized, excited, ready to go, adventurous.
  10. Purple: sensual, purpose is known, clarity.
  11. Dark blue: very happy, passion, romance.
  12. Bronze: anticipation, restless thoughts, jitters.
  13. Black: nervous, tense, harassed, over worked.
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Mood Ring Color Meanings Chart for Knowing the Changes of Mood

mood ring color meanings chart

Now you know about the mood ring color definitions. As a result, there are also several more jewelry types besides mood rings which are called as mood jewelry. It is including bracelets, necklaces, watches, and earrings. And based on mood ring color meanings chart, all of the jewelry means that they have some different mood changes which can make its color drastically change from one color to another.