4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Engagement Ring

4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring does not have to be experienced in jewelry, yet, it is necessary to know a few basic things such as knowledge about rings as precious jewelry or things related to engagement ring. By considering these things, you can have the most special and unique engagement ring to make your engagement day to be more valuable.

  • The things related to the engagement ring itself

In general, it is about the metal and gemstone of your ring. This is the most essential thing to know before choosing one as your engagement ring. As for its band, you need basic knowledge about the type and model. This band is usually made of a noble metal, such as silver, gold and platinum; gold and platinum are the most common one. The latter is extremely durable and has high purity, thus it will cost you more compare to others. The band design and size are also important things to be considered. The band design will have a directly effect to the appearance of the ring itself and the look when it is worn by a lady, thus the model and size must be fit to your lady finger.  As for its gemstone, the basic thing you need to know is the type, setting and shape. These three things are related to each other. For example, when you choose one type of the gemstone, let’s say, it is a diamond, you should consider the shape and setting that are proper for the diamond. The shape is the finishing cutting of the diamond, and the setting is the piece that will hold the diamond. There are famous 4C rules to choose this gemstone, this 4C are cut, color, clarity and carat. These 4C is essential to know.

  • Find out what kind of engagement ring your fiancé wants
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As each woman has her own taste on jewelry, it is better to ask or spy on her before buying. Another thing, you also need to consider the practical use of the ring. For example, if the ring will be used in daily and your fiancé does most of her activity outdoors, you need an engagement ring with high durability.

  • Check your budget that fits with an engagement ring as your fiancé wishes

The simplest thing is that choose an engagement ring you can afford.  If the one that your fiancé wants has a higher price or more than you can afford. You can start saving, thus, it is better to look for a ring several months before the engagement. If you need more cash, you will have enough time to prepare.

  • Shop safely in a good jeweler

Shop safely means choose a trusted jeweler, for example the one that your friend or family has been visiting and always ask the certification of the jewelry like an engagement ring you are going to buy. And also, it is better to compare to price from one shop to another.