How Much Do Diamond Engagement Rings Cost?

How Much Do Diamond Engagement Rings Cost?

When you have decided to get engaged with your girlfriend, you probably start wondering how much diamond engagement rings will cost. The costs of the diamond engagement rings can vary depending on the rating, such as carat and clarity. The average cost of diamond engagement rings about $4500, which has a range from $3500 to $5300.

The old saying that has been a standard for a man to buy an engagement ring is the two-month salary rules, even it is actually not necessary, this rule has been applied to get desirable diamond engagement rings with the most possible affordable price. Additionally, there is also an old saying that the engagement rings value is correlating with the devotion and their love. Even it is not true, some couples somehow believe this saying, and thus they want their engagement rings as valuable as possible, while some other couples even look for the cheap ones like diamond engagement rings on sale. Generally, the prices of the diamond engagement rings depend on two main factors, the rating of the diamond and the certification.

#1. The Diamond Rating System

This rating system known as the 4C rules, which is stand for cut, color, clarity and carat. These four things are the major factors to determine the price of diamond engagement rings. The bigger size, higher clarity and carat of the diamond in a ring, the higher the price will be. As references, here is the list of the prices related to the carat and clarity of the diamond:

  • 25 carat or less : $125 – $500 (in a gold ring 14 carat)
  • 3 to 0.5 carat : $750 – $1,000 ( in 18 carat gold or platinum)
  • More than 0.5 and up to 0.75 carat : $1,000 – $2,000
  • The higher quality diamond up to 1 carat : $2,500 to $4000
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It is well known that diamonds are one of the precious commodities; thus, it can be good investment to buy good quality diamonds because the value increases over the time. However, in case of the diamond engagement rings, it does not need to follow this scenario because the diamond engagement ring is not investment or the source of emergency fund. Thus, spend your money for your engagement ring wisely.

#2. The diamond certification

When the diamond in diamond engagement rings has the certification for the authorized laboratory such as American Gem Society or Gemological Institute of America, the price will be higher. These institutions are the most trusted and expert in case of diamond certification.