3 Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

3 Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

What are three most expensive diamond rings in the world? Why do we have to choose three? It is because we want to make it easier. Indeed, there is a lot of expensive jewelry worn by celebrities. Until now, we may not know what is best and most expensive? At least, we can find some options that ever are documented by media. So, here are three rings that will surprise you.

#1. 18-Carat Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Rings
Who wore this ring? Well, this is a ring that once worn by Lady Diana. She has long died. But, it was passed on to Kate Middleton. If you remember the wedding ceremony, you will see a beautiful ring with elegant blue dots. How much? It is a ring worth 137, 200 dollars. So, we can say that as one of the most expensive of diamond rings. Now, it was worn by Kate Middleton. With an elegant style and gorgeous, it has been increasingly popular. Moreover, it has a special characteristic as aristocratic style. So, it is very appropriate as one of the best diamond rings.

#2. Pear Cut 11-Carat Pink Diamond

Who wore it? Well, you should know that this is one of the outstanding of diamond rings. It was worn by Anna Kournikova, a young tennis player who was very popular and had a taste of high fashion.
Enrique Iglesias has given it to her. With a trillion stone call now on the side, it is a beautiful centered pear cut the value of 2.5 million dollars. So, we do not deny that this is one of the world’s most expensive diamond rings.

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#3. Marquise Shaped Diamond

If you are curious about the best style of diamond rings, you need to know this. It is a 10 carat marquise shaped which is designed by 28 smaller diamonds. Pay attention to its detailed and vintage look, a charming style that can only be compared with a few rings in the world. What is the price of this diamond? Well, this is a ring with a price of 2.5 million dollars. So, you can understand why this is one of the highlights of diamond rings. Who’s wearing? She is Catherine Zeta Jones.


We know that there are many new styles \ always popping up. However, we also realize that everyone has different tastes. Maybe, you are looking for the best concept of diamond engagement rings. Or, you are just interested in a unique shape. So, they are three of the most expensive diamond rings.