How to Clean Silver Ring Blanks

How to Clean Silver Ring Blanks

Like any other silver jewelry, silver ring blanks that are exposed or in contact with air will be tarnished over the time. Mostly, sterling silver jewelry contains silver about 90%, and the rest are metals. This metal content of the silver jewelry is the ultimate cause of the tarnishing. The metals contained include copper, which is most probable metal to react with moisture in the air, the sulfur content on the air also causes the tarnishing process speeding up. Moreover, when the air has high humidity and is polluted with chemicals such as hairspray, perfume and deodorant, the tarnishing process will extremely go fast. As any other silver jewelry, this tarnishing process goes the same for sterling silver ring blanks. In order to minimize, prevent or retard the tarnishing speed, silver ring blanks or other silver jewelry must be stored properly and cleaned on regular basis.

The easiest way to prevent the tarnishing is storing the silver ring blanks on a dry and airtight container, such as Tupperware or Zipper plastic bag. On the container, put the absorbent, such as silica gel to absorb moisture or other chemicals in the container that might cause the ring tarnished. Prevent the direct contact of silver ring blanks with lotion or perfume. As humidity elevates the tarnishing speed, do not put the silver ring blanks on a bathroom or any place with high water content.

Silver Ring Blanks

Having done the prevention step does not mean that your jewelry is free from tarnishing and you do not need to do the cleaning step. Whether your jewelry is tarnishing or not, having done the cleaning process is necessary. Here are some easy tips how to clean the silver ring blanks.

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Tip 1. Light cleaning of silver ring blanks

This is the simplest cleaning process; you just need common materials and tools, such as soap, lukewarm water, bowl and soft fabric. The liquid soap for dish is the most suitable soap to be used, and the soft fabric you can use an old cloth or scarf which is the fabric is soft enough not to scratch the ring. First, mix one teaspoon of soap into about 500mL lukewarm water. Then, put the soft fabric on the soapy water on the bowl; scrub the ring gently while submerging it on the water. This step can be done about 5 minutes and take the ring, rinse and dry it.

Tip 2. Deep cleaning of silver ring blanks

The cleaning process is as simple as the light cleaning; however, additional materials such as aluminum foil, salt and baking powder are needed to do this deep cleaning. The first step, cover the bottom of the bowl with the aluminum foil, dissolve the salt and baking powder into the hot water on the bottom-covered aluminum foil bowl. Put the ring on the bowl about 10 minutes or when the tarnished seems to have disappeared completely, take it and rinse with warm water, then dry it. When the ring submerged on this mixture water, the black and yellow flake seems extracted from the ring, that black flake is sulfur that causes the ring look tarnished.