Top 3 Simple Wedding Ring Options for an Elegant Wedding

Top 3 Simple Wedding Ring Options for an Elegant Wedding

The simple wedding ring becomes a trend nowadays. Most of couples like a simple design of their wedding ring, thus a lot of jewelry stores competitively show their best simple wedding ring designs lately. This trend goes the same as for engagement; a simple engagement ring is more preferable.

Wedding is acknowledged as one of the important moments in people milestone. A lot of things need to be prepared before the wedding day, as most of people usually hold a big party for their wedding; a lot preparation should be made, from the invitation letter to the venue. A small yet essential thing is the wedding ring. Even a ring is small in size; it is very essential piece of the wedding or engagement. The wedding ring is a symbol that the wearer has committed to live an eternal life with his or her partner through wedding ceremonial or engagement. Thus, it is not a surprising fact that most of couples are very concerned about how their wedding ring would be. Some couples want a wedding ring with glamorous and luxurious looks, and some couples prefer a simple wedding ring.

Regarded as an absolute personal choice, most of people usually choose the simple wedding ring to symbolize their eternal love. Mostly, a unique and simple wedding ring is more preferable because the unique yet simple look seems to be more elegant than the sparkling one. The simple design itself absolutely depends on a personal taste. While in general, simple design means a plan design without any additional decoration on the ring, such as plain silver ring, platinum ring and even plan gold ring.

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However, the simple design for wedding ring has a broader definition, thus a wide variety of simple wedding ring options are now available on jewelry stores. Here are the top 3 choices of simple wedding ring that might inspire you.

  • The halo or pave style for simple wedding ring with the couple’s name or initial engraved inside or outside the ring. This kind of ring looks plan, thus it is the simplest design ever. Besides engraving, the couple’s name or initial can be embossed on an outer ring. Sometimes, the embossment is not merely the couple’s name or initial, it can be a symbol. For example, love symbol that is half embossed to the bride’s ring and half to the groom’s ring.
  • The classic solitaire with a diamond on the center is also famous as its simple design ring.
  • The thee-stones combination, which usually includes a gemstone on the center of the three stone.