3 Most Antique Engagement Rings Worldwide

3 Most Antique Engagement Rings Worldwide

An antique engagement ring is the one that most of couples look for to symbolize their eternal love through engagement. The engagement is one-step ahead toward the wedding. The engagement means a couple’s is ready to declare their commitment to spend their lifetime together for the rest of their life.  This commitment declaration is symbolized on a ring that the couples wear, which means they are bounded each other to live together because of love. Therefore, the antique engagement rings become a choice to depict their unique love story. An antique style engagement ring can be created by these three aspects: design, material and color.

#1. The antique engagement rings based on the materials

The common ring is usually made of noble metals like gold; this material is widely used for the ring or jewelry worldwide. Silver material is also widely used for the jewelry, it is cheaper than gold; however, the ring made of this material is easy to be tarnished because of the alloy not only consist of silver but also contains additional metals such as copper. Platinum is the one that has similar characteristics as gold, which is also named as white gold. As named with the similar characteristics with the gold, the ring made of platinum has whitey color. An additional unique point for the antique engagement rings is the stone materials. There are many commercially available stones for the ring, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc. From this perspective, the most antique engagement ring is the one made of a combination of metal and titanium with an additional diamond on it.

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#2. The antique engagement rings based on the design perspective

The design is absolute part to make unique ring. The common models such as, halo, vintage, pave, swirl, classic, solitaire, etc. are well known for every ring creator or ring artist in the world. however, some ring artist has managed to make the design as unique as possible. They usually made the ring shape differ from another by adopting certain style. For example, when the ring artist adopting Egyptian ring style, the creator inspired by the ancient Egyptian god, which is symbolized as the head of jackal that having symbolize means the elegant look. This symbol then adopted to the general ring style, thus it would create an antique style of the antique engagement rings with full of meaning.

#3. The antique engagement rings based on the color

A different color can be made from a main material such as yellow gold, rose gold, silver, platinum and mixed metals. Each material shows its inner beauty as it shows a different color from each other. In addition, a gemstone would also have a main contribution to the color difference. A diamond will give a shining transparent stone decoration on a ring, an emerald will give a shining green color, a ruby will give a red pink to violet color, an opal will give the opaque white color etc. The uniqueness of each gemstone gives an additional antique value to the antique engagement rings.