Tricky Tips to Buy an Affordable Engagement Ring

Tricky Tips to Buy an Affordable Engagement Ring

All men want to propose for the one he loves. And all the men also wish to propose for one time during his life. For that reason, most men will try their best for the engagement. One of the important things to be prepared ahead of the engagement is to buy an affordable engagement ring. In order not to regret, you have to know how the trick to buy an affordable engagement ring is.

Kind of Affordable Engagement Ring

Silver rings are relatively affordable engagement rings. In stores a pair of silver engagement rings cost between 40-50 dollars (normal price). The advantages of silver ring are even though white but still can be combined with the gold color with gold plating method. It would be look like a gold ring in the shiny room. This ring has been pretty good for jewelry (because silver also including precious metals) but worth quite affordable. The downside of this silver affordable engagement ring is if it coated with yellow gold, then it can be washed out, so it should be bring to the repairer or goldsmith frequently.
Titanium rings are even more affordable, the price is between $ 2-6 (normal price). The advantages of this affordable engagement ring are hard so it cannot easily scratch. This ring is also very cheap and has a light weight. The Weakness of this ring is it has no return price from the shop or seller, cannot also be combined with gold, and his size is usually did not fit. Due to this titanium ring are a ready stock stuff, most ring has men size, but no women size. White iron ring is almost the same as titanium rings. It cost between $ 1-5 for a pair (normal price).

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Affordable Engagement Ring Advantages

The advantages of this ring is not easily scratched, quite heavy, not easily blackened (depending on compatibility with sweat of the wearer), not sensitive (causing itching) on the wearer’s skin. The weakness of this white iron ring is it has a few stock. That means, is not easy to find this ring especially for couples (sure it must match with the partner’s finger).

If your choice has fallen on gold, and none of the metals above you are interested, there are other ways for you to purchase an affordable engagement ring, it is buying based on grams. We always hear about 24-carat engagement ring. In fact there are many options on gold carats. 18 carats with levels of 75% of gold, 14 carats with levels of 58% of gold, 10 carats with levels of 40% of gold. Besides of the price, if you want to wear it every day, then 10-carat gold should be an appropriate and affordable engagement ring to buy. When purchasing a ring in gold shops, it is generally judged by how many grams a pair of rings is made. Rings has usually more affordable price because it is following the gold price in the market. Unfortunately, the designs tend to be simple and do not always follow the fashion trend. The averaged forms are also almost similar and usually are made only by an order. For the selection on the place, it all depends on your taste and budget you have. Just make sure you have a budget of more if you buy an affordable engagement ring in Jewelry Store.

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