How to Well Maintain Opal Jewelry

How to Well Maintain Opal Jewelry

As stunning jewelry, most gemstone can also be very fragile. Wholesale jewelers have known fact that little scratches just would make it difficult opal jewelry for sale, or the price could drop very dramatically. So cautious stance and treat it gently in the handling and safe is required. With meticulous safe and occasional cleaning, you will have the opal jewelry well maintaineda over the years.

Opal Jewelry Myths

Well, there are the myths about how to clean opal jewelry. Common myths that many people believe is the toothpaste is an easy and inexpensive solution to clean opal jewelry. However, this information was wrong because the toothpaste would be able to destroy the gold, diamonds and other gemstones. This is because the toothpaste usually contains abrasive material to remove the leftovers and clean the plaque in the teeth. The abrasive material can scratch the precious metals and gemstones on your jewelry.

Not only that, this material can also damage the color and luster of the pearl and opal jewelry. Also cleaning jewelry in the boiling water can damage the opal jewelry. Additionally, extreme heat is also capable of damaging the precious metals. Heat can make the metal expands and causes the gemstone apart from its position. Some gemstones, such as emerald, garnet, opal, tanzanite, and tourmaline, can even be broken and split when soaked in the boiling water and rinsed with cold water.

Cleaning Opal Jewelry Myths

Cleaning opal jewelry with alcohol was also a myth. Many believe that alcohol can be used to soak and clean the opal jewelry to remove oil left in jewelry. But in fact, alcohol is composed of a variety of chemicals that can actually leave the membrane or coating on your opal jewelry. For some gemstones, such as emerald and opal which is composed of oil and water, alcohol was actually absorb oil in emerald and opal jewelry so that it will drying and cracking.

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Actually cleaning opal jewelry is not difficult. The best way is to clean opal jewelry in the jewelry stores and entrusted on the hands of people who are experts. Another way is to use soap and water then rubs it on your jewelry gently with a toothbrush. Briefly soak the opal jewelry in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of dish detergent. To clean it you can use a soft toothbrush but do not rub too hard as this may scratch the stone.

Scrub gently and rinse in clean water containers or soft tap water flow after all it’s done. Be sure not to leave any jewel in the water for more than 15 minutes. Extend immersion in any solvent can harm the stone. Then dry with a soft cloth with a gentle pat anyway. However, this method cannot be used to clean pearls. To clean pearls, you can simply wipe with a soft cloth.

Storage is the key to longevity. Opal jewelry prefers a clean and dry environment. Abrasion and dust can cause eternal damage. Wrap opal jewelry in soft container to avoid direct rubbed against a hard surface. Protect your opal jewelry by keeping it in a drawer or safe place for storage.