The Right Black Diamond Engagement Ring for the Right Fiancée

The Right Black Diamond Engagement Ring for the Right Fiancée

Many people think that black diamonds are fake diamonds. In fact, black diamond, or so-called “Carbonado”, is a natural diamond and has the same chemical composition with white diamonds. There are different versions of the evolving explanations related to the formation of black diamonds. Some scientists claim that black diamonds are formed in the earth like white diamonds; other scientists assume that the black diamond is actually coming from outer space, namely asteroids, millions of years ago. Black diamond is hard and durable as white diamonds. That is why it is often used in the diamond industry. The Carbonado used to be a popular choice for men’s jewelry. In recent years, black diamonds have been used to make jewelry women also. Fancy colored diamonds is fashionable in recent years. This applies also to the black diamond. In the movie Sex in the city 2, Mr. Big presents Carrie Bradshaw with a black diamond engagement ring. He chose black diamond solitaire because he thought that Carrie does not like other women. Many celebrities choose to wear black diamond engagement ring because it deals with prosperity. Black diamond engagement ring is a very popular choice.

Genuine black diamond engagement rings are certainly not cheap. However, there is a more affordable alternative for those who cannot afford to buy genuine gem. There is a black synthetic diamonds grown in the laboratory. Inferior diamonds can also be irradiated to give black. Synthetic black diamond engagement rings are very beautiful as the original diamond.

There are many places where you can buy black diamond engagement rings, but make sure that you visit reputable jewelry store or jewelry store to make sure that you really do get what you pay for. There is a lot of fake stuff around and there are also carbonados who are a cousin of the black diamond. Make sure that you buy the real black diamond engagement rings, and the way to do this is to do business with reliable and reputable jewelry. If your bride-to-be have shown an interest in something a little out of the ordinary, you would have to consider the type of black diamond engagement rings. Be sure to compare prices before buying though. And do not take care of discount jewelry shops.

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Whether you choose to ring for other accented by colored stones, or to have a pure black diamond engagement rings will be entirely up to you and your lover. However, it is important to remember that the black diamond engagement rings are meant for good. If for some reason you think that your bride-to-be will have a black diamond engagement ring as a piece of clothing, then consider getting a traditional concept for black diamond engagement rings, and black diamond as present at several other point. A black diamond engagement ring set in white gold or platinum seems to be the norm, even though you can choose another metal if it is what the bride would wish for. Pieces of rock may be more important for many, and it seems more suitable solitaire with white diamonds. For such a unique ring, more luxurious form may be in order.