The Most Expensive Wedding Ring in the Universe

The Most Expensive Wedding Ring in the Universe

Every year, many young and mature people are deciding to get married. There are many symbol of the tight relationship of two loving couples. Very sure, the expensive wedding rings is the small jewelries that may cost millions, due to its brilliants, unique looks and refinements.

The very most expensive wedding ring was created with a blue diamond by the Chopard jewelry craftsmen. Comparing with the other diamond rings in the world and other ornaments of women’s hands they look like a little bit unattractive. The most expensive wedding ring is a bit different from the others created with a huge oval blue diamond. Blue diamonds are regarded to be the most rare and expensive stone in the universe. This precious stone weighs about nine carats. Alongside to the amazing and unique blue diamond ring, the Chopard expensive wedding ring also has some smaller diamonds on every side, which are placed closer each other, and forming an amazingly beautiful expensive wedding ring. Basically, it is created from 18 carat white gold. This expensive wedding ring was priced at about $ 16.26 million. Such a big amount which can make a hole in the pockets of even the wealthiest persons in the world.

Black diamonds are also the most famous and most wonderful gems in the luxury area, due to their special aspect which is giving a magnificent brilliance and great honors. A new event in the design of black jewelry, the black diamonds are a bit appealing due to their mystery, exotic and occult atmosphere that surrounds them along the time. Because they are very rare, black diamond wedding ring are even more expensive than the common diamonds. For example, a black diamond expensive wedding ring in the Grisogono Collection with 83.39 carats was priced at $ 1.2 million.

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This article will also provide you some information of expensive wedding rings worn by famous person and created by well-known companies or craftsmen around the world.

  1. In the first place of the most expensive wedding ring is ring, or rather rings, of Brittany Murphy. Seemingly her fiancé, Simon Monjack decided that a ring is not enough for her and then presented her two rings. Anyway, that man has really good tastes and go for Neil Lane platinum diamonds rings. In the first ring is attached a yellow diamond with 5 carats in a little scattering of transparent stones. And in the second ring, the diamond stone is transparent with a square cut.
  2. An English model Elizabeth Hurley has a wedding ring with approximately $100.000. Her expensive wedding ring was created by a special order to Chopard and also is included in the collection of elite jewelry category of Chopard. This expensive wedding ring is very fashionable and made of white gold and attached with diamonds in 15.09 carats.
  3. Quite a bit, a 0.09-carat diamond in a ring is a great expensive wedding ring for Selity Ebanks. But all of these were in vain, as the model did not get married her fiancé, Nick Cannon. As we see from this case, even the most expensive wedding ring with price more than $100K cannot influence her real feelings. The ring itself only serves her as a nice accessory.
  4. End with her previous marriage, Ivanka Trump is once again going to get married with a man with more prosperity than her ex-husband, Donald Trump. This businesswoman really cannot left her home without this expensive wedding ring, which priced about $100k. This designer platinum ring attached with the emerald cut diamonds and 12 carats was a high class.
  5. The comedian Eddie Murphy could not sleep well until he get the classical diamonds for expensive wedding ring. After a very long search among the collection of Cartier House, he was choosing a yellow diamond ring and gave it to her now-ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds.
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