Simple Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas In The Cooler Air

Simple Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas In The Cooler Air

If you are going to plan your wedding ceremony in the winter, then it is a good theme with many choices for your winter wedding decoration. But, unlike the other season’s theme like spring, summer and fall wedding themes, saying your vows in the coldest seasons of the year will not provide you with many of variations of color tones for your winter wedding decoration ideas. But you may pick some pure color like white, light jewel tones, blue and silver, and maybe your preferred color as hue accent. From table arrangements to centerpieces, flower settings to colors, there are lots of possibilities on choosing winter wedding decoration ideas. Several things that need to keep in mind when choosing a decoration for your wedding are the seasonal flower choice, temperature control on the wedding venue, which elements of the winter you wish and how many elements of winter you wish to involve. You can go with focusing on the ice, snow, or both of them. Here are several winter wedding decoration ideas which will impress your guests on a winter dreamy wonderland.

Choosing the proper flowers for your winter wedding decoration idea is an essential detail for every bride. When you are holding a winter wedding, you need to choose well which flowers will keep up and stand well in colder temperatures. Although your wedding venue is most likely to be indoors, still you must consider how long the chosen flowers will stand and survive and whether or not they are able to survive in any time on the outdoors. Orchids, roses, and lilies, are a few kind of flowers that well stand in colder temperature.

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For a perfect winter wedding decoration ideas, it is advisable to involve the snowflakes as the part of your decoration. You can decide to use some sparkling crystal table, snowflake confetti or several shimmering snowflakes which are hanging on the ceiling. Other winter wedding decoration ideas are using the accents of crystal to enhance the sparkle in a frosty winter day. Beads and crystals have a magical shine and are available in so many designs and you can use them as the accent of the tables and vases, and use them also as a part of the centerpieces.

If you wish to go all out, you must even consider renting some snow machines, or you can create or buy some ice sculptures. Perhaps you have some persons in your family and friends who can creatively create some ice sculptures for you.

The great winter wedding decoration ideas start from the invitation. The best way to invite your guests about your winter wedding theme is with the winter wedding invitations. Print out pure white winter wedding invitations with an ice crystal sign printed on it. Silver or gold stars, you can also add a winter wonderland scene to the background of the paper. Through this, you will make an alluring design for your winter wedding invitations.

Consider to create some winter wonderland trees and make them up on the line on the wedding reception venue. You can make these trees by yourself or simply buy pre-lighted trees in the market or online. If you wish to create the trees by yourself, all requirements you need is getting a silver bucket which is filled with gravel or sand. Then, collect some tree branches and you can spray white paint on them. Use gold and silver spray paint separately as the accents, and then simply put them on the silver buckets. Try to put some cool white lights and then you will have some heavenly trees which are a perfect and beautiful effect of your winter wedding decoration ideas.

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