3 Most Popular Wedding Rings Styles

3 Most Popular Wedding Rings Styles

It is really true that the wedding ring style is very important. It is the great decision of the couple to pick out which style will be used for the wedding ring. There are several popular wedding ring styles that have been around over time and are really classics. Read this article to learn about the very most popular wedding ring styles.

Jewelry trends are going in and out, but some popular wedding ring styles stay tough throughout the years. These three popular wedding ring styles below are Fitted Bands, Eternity Rings, and Stone-less Rings. Before learning further about these styles, let us take a few time to know a bit about diamonds.

There are lots of different types of diamonds cuts, but the most popular cut type is Baguette Diamonds. A Baguette Diamond, like the French bread, is cut in a slim, long, rectangular shape. Commonly, the Baguette Diamonds are also created in a step cut to enhance the diamond’s brilliant and clarity. A Baguette Diamond crafted within a crescent or half-moon silhouette will allow the diamond to be looked from any angle, and will also give a modern look on the antique engagement and wedding rings.

  1. Fitted Bands Style

The most popular wedding ring style is fitted or curved bands that are shaped to suit around your engagement and wedding ring, and also allowing them to stay cozily together as one stunning piece. Fitted wedding rings are extremely popular as it is allowing the wedding rings to look evenly and neatly with the engagement rings, and these two rings then will look like they are belong together, just like you and your beloved lady.

  1. Pave Diamond Eternity Wedding Rings Style
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If you would like better a simplicity on your wedding ring, then try the eternity wedding ring style. These timeless diamond wedding rings glow from every angle and magnificently represent your never ending love. As the pave diamonds set around the entire ring, these popular wedding ring style are much suitable to be worn alone instead of side by side with your diamond engagement ring. This is one of the most popular wedding ring styles on the modern era, and is particularly classy as engagement and wedding ring in one piece. It is really an excellent choice if you cannot afford both engagement ring and wedding ring.

  1. All-Platinum Stone-less Wedding Rings Style

Several religions do not allow wedding rings to be attached with stones on them as they are blessed to the marriage, so the all-platinum stone-less wedding rings style is a wonderful option as the popular wedding ring style for you to choose. Many stone-less rings styles are come up with some meaningful engravings and complex designs that still make the wedding ring to keep sparkle and glow, even without the diamonds or other stones. These popular wedding rings style is also the most popular wedding rings for men, because the bands is made out of platinum, which is extremely resistant to tarnish, and can be worn perfectly suit to hard worker men.

Even though these above are very popular wedding ring styles, when you go for shopping for your wedding ring, remember that you must fully love your wedding ring whether it is in style or not. After all, whether or not it would be worn every day, you are the only one who wears it.

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