Check Your White Diamond Ring with 4C

Check Your White Diamond Ring with 4C

Be careful in buying a white diamond ring, because not all diamonds are expensive. There are so many lower-priced diamonds, as well as many fake diamonds in the market. A synthetic moissanite, this gem is very similar to diamond. Experienced Estimators in Pawnshops are also sometimes fooled.

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Therefore, it needs to be careful in buying white diamond ring. There are four key to choosing a diamond that is known as Four C, this will help you to find the right balance and a highly qualified white diamond ring according to budget. The four keys are Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut; this is the fourth most decisive factor when choosing white diamond ring, these characteristics will determine the value, rarity and beauty of the white diamond ring.

In general, white diamond ring has a yellowish white color, for the top quality of clear white color. The quality of the clear white color is high, but the most rare and expensive are blue and pink diamonds. Often you see a white diamond ring. In fact, if we look further, the white color of the diamonds are diamonds that slightly yellowish or brownish color.

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Gradation of colors from white to slightly yellowish or brownish has its own measuring scale which refers to GIA standards. In addition to white diamond rings, there are another variant of the diamond that has red, blue, green, and bright yellow (canary) color. For your information, all types of the diamond colors (except white diamonds), is commonly known by the name of fancy color diamonds.

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It is recommended to analyze the white diamond ring with searching for something in the diamond and the former markings on the outside. Clarity is the level of a diamond that is free from defects inside (inclusion) and marks (blemishes) on the outside. Diamond with a flaw inside is worth cheaper than the defect-free, but its beauty and brilliance of absolutely has no effect. When you buy a white diamond ring just for style and pleasure, it must be completely free of defects inside (flawless or internally flawless).

Slightly deformed (very slight inclusions or slightly included) is still beautiful bright, and that can only be seen by someone who really a diamond expert through a magnifying glass with 10x magnification. Defects in diamond affect the price, the fewer defects, the more expensive it costs. Diamonds that are used for jewelry are always a high quality. Clarity of a diamond structure recorded on the certificate indicates that serves to identify the identity of the diamond.

Unlike the gold, if the gold carat is a unit of content that is contained, but for diamond a carat is its weighs. Carat is the standard unit of weight for white diamond ring. Carat weight is also expressed as “points” with one carat diamond is equivalent to 100 points. The term ‘carat’ is often misinterpreted as the size of the diamond. The size of the diamond is its dimension involving length, width, and height. Because the carat weight is the unit of measure, not how big size, two diamonds of 1 carat in size may have a different appearance. The final size of a 1 carat white diamond ring depends on how the diamond is cut. A diamond with nice cuts, sometimes it will look bigger than a diamond with a higher carat weight.

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To form a rough diamonds into a beautiful perfect and sparkling white diamond ring need process through cutting techniques that are detailed and complicated. Cut will greatly affect the sparkle of the white diamond ring. Bad cut are not only make the diamond sparkle bad, but it will make the white diamond ring quality and its price dropped. White diamond ring cut is not only refers to the shape and number of the shades, but more focused on the quality of the cut. White diamond ring with unfavorable side cut will not be priced the same as the diamonds that have perfect side cut. White diamond ring with a good cut proportion will give maximum light sheen. The better the cut, the better the quality, the better the price.