Tips to Choose Phrases for the Meaningful Promise Ring Engraving

Tips to Choose Phrases for the Meaningful Promise Ring Engraving

Promise ring engraving is now also a popular trend for couple who are going to engaged or married. Beside the other popular unique ring, most couple shares a promise ring engraving to symbolize the commitment of their relationship. Promise ring engraving also based on the promise of the couple about their love, or a motivation from the parents to their kids, or someone’s commitment on their ideas, religion, or even their faiths. For a meaningful promise ring engraving, a phrase is engraved on the inside or the outside. These engraving rings will make the motivation, commitment, or dedication stronger and easy to remember. There are varieties of messages that can help to memorizing your relationship or even offer increasing motivation. Consider these few ideas when looking for the unique promise ring engraving.

You can add a personal memory to your promise ring engraving. Choose a phrase based on your memory, which is very important for you or your partner or recipient. If this ring is for your friend, choose a funny phrase from their memory. For something romantic, try the special memories of special event or moments. But if the promise ring engraving is just for you to wear, then try to engrave a phrase, which will remind you to a special or inspirational moment of your life. Choose some good phrase to make you happy, motivated, or inspired. It is also pretty good the increase the quality of your work.

Phrases that came from the cultures or religious are also good for promise ring engraving. Try the phrase from foreign languages to be engraved on the ring for your lover. Latin, French, or Italian is always being a romantic language, which is a perfect language to express your love in your promise ring engraving. There are so many phrase from some religious and cultures you can choose. But consider his/her culture or religion before choosing the phrase. Religious phrase could have disambiguation in it that could be also has a different meaning, even a contradictive one. So always make sure that you understand the real meaning of the phrase before engrave it to your promise ring engraving, and give it to your loved one or even if it is for you to wear.

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If you are still confused with the phrase you want to choose for your promise ring engraving, then try some quotes from a literature works, such as songs, poets, books, etc., or by famous or notable people. You can choose a romantic phrase from a romantic songs or poet to describe the meaningful relationship with your lover. Or a funny one would be good to add a sense of humor, but it must be a meaningful phrase also. If you love your partner very much, try to make your own quotes. It would be very special for your loved one and he/she will always smiling and feel happy every time he/she looks at it.

The purpose of the promise ring engraving is to remind the user of something important when they see it. Some people do not remember when they met or commit as a couple. Dates would be good to choose to remind you or your partner of that special day. If you think that it is a special day. In addition, you can also give the promise ring engraving to your kids with the dates of their birthday or any other special days engrave on it.