Men Silver Jewelry Shopping: Test It Before Buy It!

Men Silver Jewelry Shopping: Test It Before Buy It!

The most important thing in men silver jewelry shopping is related with the keys, or buttons techniques. Because silver is softer than gold, the key will often be no more powerful when it is aging, unlike the key on the clock because the clock usually made of stainless steel. More importantly, men silver jewelry shopping must be in a trusted store, so you will buy the original silver.

Lately silver often falsified by using another material then made it in chrome or silver plating and it is hard to find the authenticity of silver. Original silver made rarely makes users become allergies that usually cause itching or hives. Jewelry shop obviously cannot be blamed as a fence. There is a provision which stipulates that anyone who carries moving goods is the owner. So the jewelry shops, those accept or purchase goods, are sold it without a clearly unlawful receipt. However, if indeed the good is proven swag then jewelry store will lose in the legal process.

Tips for men silver jewelry shopping

When you are doing a men silver jewelry shopping, it is advisable for you not to buy a silver ring, which is silver plated, because this type of ring is just a cheap coated copper or silver plated ring, so in the meantime if the plate is disappear,  it will show the original copper ring. If you are the original silver coin collector, it is advisable to buy silver coins from a seller in the United States or Canada, do not ever try to buy silver coins from China, because the coin counterfeiters in China is very smart to forge this item. Observe the feedback/opinions of previous buyers of men silver jewelry shopping who had dealings with the seller.

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Before you do the men silver jewelry shopping, make sure that the silver jewelry you got to buy is original. The easiest way to verify the authenticity of your silver rings is to ask for help jewelry store or pawn office to test the silver ring with a scratch test and droplets of chemical substances. Learn some simple methods to test the authenticity of silver rings. One popular method is called silver ring sound test.

Take a genuine silver coin, drop slowly on the floor, listen to it and record both sound, then do the same thing on the silver ring, compare its voice, if it is different then perhaps these are not the same metal. Another easy method is “ice cube test”. Silver ring is the best conductor of heat than any other metals. Pure silver metal will cause the ice to melt very quickly when it placed on the silver jewelry. On the plated silver jewelry the heat will not be enough for the jewelry to melt the ice dramatically like on the pure silver ring earlier.

men silver jewelry shopping magnetic test

The next method is magnetic test. Pure silver cannot be pulled by magnet. Attach the silver ring on the magnet, if the ring is sticking and there is magnetic field that means the ring contains a lot of steel, so it is not a pure silver ring. Another accurate test is with nitric acid, the resulting color of silver scratches etched with nitric acid will show the content of the silver ring. So, be careful to do such a men silver jewelry shopping. You need to pay attention to its authenticity, or you will got the failed men silver jewelry shopping. Happy hunting!

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