The Unique and Beneficial Blue Sapphire Ring

The Unique and Beneficial Blue Sapphire Ring

Sapphire is known as a precious gemstone with the dominant blue color that looks beautiful and very elegant for the blue sapphire ring users. Based on the content of the mineral structure, sapphire is included in the corundum mineral. Sapphire has a high hardness, about 9 scale Ohms, so this gemstones are manufactured for various purposes. Corundum included in pure aluminum. A small number of other elements, such as iron, titanium, and chromium, produce blue, pink, yellow, purple, orange, or green color on sapphire ring color.

Blue sapphire ring is a popular type of sapphire ring in the world. The price of blue sapphire rings depends on its quality and authenticity. But today many of blue sapphire rings are claimed to be genuine but in fact that gemstone rings are fake or synthetic. Due to the high cost traders commit fraud to take advantage of profits and the ignorance of the buyer. Fake blue sapphire ring (synthetic) in market cost $6, even thousands dollars. Current highest price is the Russian Sapphire. It could reach 50.000 USD, and even more. While the price of black sapphire, yellow sapphire or white sapphire cost not as fantastic as blue sapphire ring.

A stone has an electromagnetic wave which is efficacious for treatment. Electromagnetic waves can stabilize the electromagnetic field in someone’s body that is disrupted. Almost all stones can actually be used as a treatment because they contain electromagnetic vibrations; one of them is a blue sapphire ring.

Blue Sapphire Ring Uniqueness

The uniqueness and beauty of the blue sapphire ring which is highly dependent on the characteristics of the color variations that can be blue, purple, yellow, orange, black, clear, and of course the hexagonal crystal structure. Blue sapphire ring is believed to clear the mind, increasing inner peace, motivation, and brings happiness and a better life, and easier to get new ideas in life. Blue sapphire ring would protect the user from envious feeling and make them feel closer to God. It is said that kings wore blue sapphire ring as a defense against danger and became a fortress from the violent.  In addition, blue sapphire ring also have efficacy as a silencer of the heart hurt so if the users feels hurt caused by betrayed or something that made his heart hurt. By wearing blue sapphire ring, the user will be remain calm and would not grudge to others.

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Blue Sapphire Ring Benefits

For health, blue sapphire rings can raise levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium and release the mental depression. Meanwhile, when used, blue sapphire ring is suitable for use by science, commerce or business practitioners, as well as the entrepreneurial and young executives. Blue sapphire ring is also believed to have an aura that can develop the think, inspiration, and optimism of the new hope.  In addition to the advantages that are listed above, there is some other benefit which is believed by many people, that blue sapphire can provide safety on land, sea and in the air for the user. The users will also be immune to various weapon and shot, and can open the aura of the user, so increase the charisma and can smoothing the user’s career. But that are just a non-sense myths.