The Change of the Popular Ring Style in Few Years

The Change of the Popular Ring Style in Few Years

Selection of the more popular ring style vary from year to year. There are many popular ring styles of various designs or models and materials. As in 2012, the popular ring style that many book is a ring with colorful gems.

Popular Ring Style For Women

For women who are dynamic and modern spirit, rings studded with colored gems such as pink, green and yellow always attract attention, for example, beryl gemstones, sapphires and rubies. Many people also request a ring with many diamonds. A diamond will appear more beautiful when surrounded by several smaller diamonds.

Decorating style rings like this start attracted many jewelry designers. Besides being able to make the ring look shinier, tiny diamond ring can also give the illusion that your ring studded with diamond-cut large. Popular ring style with a simple design is no longer an option. As an alternative, a complex ring form became the favorite of many women when choosing a ring.

Complex design will make the ring look more interesting. Many jewelry designers decorate the ring with twist detail, starting from the diamond to the twisted ring body. This is quite a complicated design, also makes it look much more attractive for a ring. This year, vintage rings became popular ring styles. Vintage ring is suitable for your conservative and simple. Ring that is embedded with jewels and ornaments on the rim is never outdated.

Fashion Popular Ring Style

Much like fashion and makeup trends, ring trends are also always different every year. In 2014, many people demand the quality of the gemstones of the ring. Halo ring is a ring with several small diamonds arranged around the main larger one.

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The design of small diamonds that are made in a circular that was able to make this major one looks much more luminous and could be the center of attention. Therefore, the halo ring is one of the many popular ring styles lately. Although the halo ring usually use diamond as the main stone, but the halo ring can also use other gemstones such as sapphire and ruby.

Compared with princess-cut, it turns out a ring with a cushion-cut diamond is more preferred by women. Although not too shiny like a round-cut diamond, but the shape of the soft sides makes this diamond shape feels more romantic.

However, the popular ring style in 2015 is slightly different. Ring with carved initials of the couple became popular. This model was introduced by an actress on her wedding ring. This model is exclusive because it has carved the initials of the couple, which will be very beautiful if the two rings are combined.

The simple model has certainly still been a lot of demand because this model is immortal. Ring with single gem models has a very beautiful meaning, that ring with a single gem indicates that there is only one love forever in lifetime. In different case, the luxury wedding ring models often refer to as a premium wedding ring. This is because the ring is very exclusive because usually embedded with diamonds with large quantities (usually more than 10 pcs). Ring with specs like this are usually worth up to 10 thousand dollars.