Mood Ring Chart Meaning: Black, Green, Red

Mood Ring Chart Meaning: Black, Green, Red

Mood ring colors meaning can be false without a good guide, such as a mood ring chart meaning.  Different persons have also different body temperatures. It makes hard to describe whether the ring interprets the right mood for anyone or not. Here is described the mood ring chart meaning that will offer a good beginning point for your own reading of the colors on your mood ring.


When your mood ring is showing black color, it always means that you are frightened or depressed, and have a deep anger or hatred that you have experienced or are experiencing at the time. Black color is the coldest temperatures can be signified by mood ring, it means that your fingers and hands are really cold as ice. Black is always considered as the most negative mood in every mood ring chart meaning. It is impossible to turn it. A black color on the mood ring stone describe your conditions that you are very depressed, in a state of panic, or deeply frightened. When the black color is occurs, it is recommended to change it quickly. Black can also signify the disease and poor health, especially in the digestion system. In this situation, it would be better if you remain calm, take a deep breath and close your eyes, focus until the mood ring color changes to green.


The normal mood ring chart meaning may say that a green colored mood ring is the neutral or the default mood of the person or wearer. However, this neutral interpretation is very right if you are not using the mood ring. But when the mood ring is attach to the skin temperature of your body, the green color meaning will changes. Green is one of the most favorite mood ring colors in every mood ring chart meaning. If the mood ring color is turning to green, that means that you are in well-grounded situation, generally comfortable with those around you. In this situation you are remain calm and have nothing to complain about. Although in this mood ring chart meaning, the green color has no possibility of negative or positive mood, the color can still change depend on the activity you are experiencing.

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Several mood ring chart meaning connects the red color with the stronger emotions.  However, this could be also true to interpret the anger and passion. Both of these emotions are very strong and frequently put into any actions in any way. When your mood ring color is turning to red, it means that you have a strong physical reaction to particular thought or situation. Even though mood rings always describe the emotion of the person or wearer, in this case, when the red color is appearing, the emotional reaction has two possibilities to interpret. The red color may describe the sexuality, excitement, passion or any other positive strong emotion or mood. Passion may always be associated to sexuality, but anger is also a strong emotion, which can trigger the red color to occur. But when red turns to dark red, it may show the high tension, a deep stress, or any relationship issue. Basically, in every mood ring chart meaning red is the color when your heart is pumping up. It happens not only when you are angry, but also when you fall in love, to someone, memories, places or anything you desire.