How To Get 3 Carat Diamond Ring at Lower Price

How To Get 3 Carat Diamond Ring at Lower Price

If you have ever seen a 3 carat diamond ring on the hand of women, then you will realize why it is called a “diamond statement “. The size of the diamond is really extraordinary and when it deflect some flashes of red fire or white light it will turn among the crowd of people. A 3 carat diamond creates a statement of magnificence of the woman who puts it on her finger. Also it makes the other people, who sees it, wonder about the fortune and status of the men, who give it for her.

Here are some very important questions that you must ask the jeweler before buying a 3 carat diamond ring:

  1. Is the diamond on the ring a real and natural piece?

Luckily, the 3 carat diamond ring mentioned above is always shown in a picture of about 10x magnification. You can get a lot of information by looking at the picture of this 3 carat diamond ring. The diamond has lots of white dots, which are the nature of crystal inclusions, and you will not find it in any type of fake diamond ring. At this picture you will also be able to look the evidence of the diamond enhancement techniques: a clear white line in the diamond stone if it was odd-colored refractions, or laser-drilled, or if it was fracture filled. When a 3 carat diamond ring with lower price seems flawless in the picture you can ask for some bad suspicion.

  1. Has the diamond its certifications from a recognized company?

When you purchase any diamond of 1 carat or more, it must be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity from a recognized and reputable company. The American Gem Society (AGS) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) can certify single diamonds only, and they are very good and reliable companies. Other common reputable independent companies are Independent Gemological Laboratories (IGL), International Gemological Institute (IGI), and European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). These companies can certify diamond jewelry items such as diamond earrings or rings, and they have a list of a retail replacement value for the insurance purposes.

  1. What is the grade of the diamond’s clarity?
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Using the example of the 3 carat diamond ring for $ 4000, you can see in the picture and the certificate of authenticity that the clarity grade of the diamond is I2-I3 which means the clarity of the diamond is very low, so the incredible price will make sense. The wholesalers will cost on a 3 carat diamond ring with VS clarity for about $13,000.

The I2-I3 clarity of 3 carat diamond ring can be a reasonable offer for people who wants to purchase the biggest diamond at the lowest price. The tips is to find an I2-I3 clarity diamond ring with reasonable flaws. Small white needles and crystals are the flaw’s kind that less detract from the brilliance and beauty of a low clarity diamond ring. Some black crystals and high dense cloudy areas are the kind of flaws that make the I2-I3 diamond will look very ugly and dull.

  1. The color grade of this diamond ring

The color rating scale grades diamonds from GIA in descending order is from the letters D through W. The difference between the color grades on the top of the GIA color rating scale are very soft. When a diamond is attached in a ring and worn in some lighting conditions, it is hard for even a jewelry expert to tell the difference between the F, which are colorless, and an H grade, which are nearly colorless. A J color grade will show a bit yellow cast on the diamond, and any grade from K to below will have clearer yellow-grey look.

  1. The permission to return the ring if you do not like it
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Whether you are purchasing at a jewelry retail store or on the online shop, read the policy. Make absolutely sure that you may return the 3 carat diamond ring for a full refund of your buy price within a month. If you are hunting for bargain a 3 carat diamond ring, make absolutely sure it has a “no questions asked” full refund policy. This means that you do not need to prove that the 3 carat diamond ring is defected and simply you can get a full refund if you do not like the diamond ring. Then you should take the chance to live with your 3 carat diamond ring for several weeks. See how your 3 carat diamond ring looks like in a daylight and room light, what your relatives or friends think about it. If you do not like it, you can simply return it and get back your money.