Platinum Hip Hop Jewelry Sparkling Over Decades

Platinum Hip Hop Jewelry Sparkling Over Decades

The birth of Hip Hop music was also the birth of the new era of platinum Hip Hop jewelry fashion. Hip Hop is not only made a unique music genre that combined so many influences from the entire world with a brand new sound, but hip hop also created a unique way to present a favorable fashion through top bling jewelries that never seen before. Hip Hop came from the 70’s and 80’s, and produce the classic platinum Hip Hop jewelry fashion trend that are still existing until this day.

Hip Hop was based in Bronx, where DJ’s began to play some short beats from disco, funk, and soul music. At the time this short beat was common to Jamaican style music that was chanting word with music, now it is called rapping, and was brought to the Bronx by immigrants from Jamaica. Hip Hop DJs had always their own fashion that was incorporated to their Caribbean origins fashion with beaded bracelets and chains, colors of black, red, yellow and green, knit caps in combination with the previous 70’s fashion such as fly collars, velour running suits, large sunglasses and bell bottoms. The pioneer in this movement was DJ Kool Herc. As the music began to evolve with many elements like rapping vocals and digital beats, so did the hip hop fashion. Hip hop groups dominated the year 70’s and early 80’s. Many groups showed a sense of fashion of platinum hip hop jewelry like, large beaded chains, oversized hoop earrings, and cross pendants.

When Hip Hop entered the year 80’s, a new rush of groups brought the people’s attention to Hip Hop that never seen before. Their style of hip hop introduced their own style, such as large gold and diamond rings, and oversized dookie chains, and so many influences which you can see in platinum hip hop jewelry and fashion to this day.
In the middle of 80’s to early 90’s, the golden age of the hip hop was emerged with the rise of some popular groups in Hip Hop winning the awards records. This period was also classified by intense of popularity, experimentation, and diversity, and also began to influence the mainstream of the fashion sense. In this period, hip hop fashion made a trend of oversized pants, high tops, and boots with African colors and patterns. Platinum hip hop jewelry was also presented with huge emblem necklaces, earrings, and knuckle rings. When the 90 is progressed, the fight between east and west occurred, and famous stars such as Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, and the Wu Tang Clan came to fight in revenge. West coast fashion style customized with bandanas around the head, oversized button-down preppy shirts, and platinum hip hop jewelry like multiple chains. The east coast came from classic gangster apparel of fedoras and zoot suits with the bling of gold and diamonds, and also came to the urban apparel with ski caps, gold nugget rings, hoodies, grillz, oversized parkas.

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Platinum Hip Hop Jewelry Sparkling Over Decade

Platinum hip hop jewelry started to gradually arise as well as obtain the gold chains, rings and also teeth of the 80’s away with the iced out silver, rubies as well as platinum of the new period. The 90’s did not dissatisfy individuals with variety platinum hip jump fashion jewelry that brought by many famous hip jump artists like the nose rings and tranquility signs that was put on by Digable Planets and also Detained Growth, leather wristbands as well as canine chains that sustained by Limp Bizkit and Rage Versus the Machine, brass knuckles as well as Jesus-inspired lockets from the rap artist Eminem. They brought the platinum hip hop fashion jewelry into the brand-new era.

After couple decades of being made of precious metals, platinum Hip Hop precious jewelry has returning towards the natural products once more with wood making as well as grains which are the typical looks on several stars. It will certainly be quite interested to see the future generation of platinum Hip Jump jewelry and music.